Mach 1 mach 1 or bullitt

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  1. hey guys

    im posting a similar question in the bullitt section btw!

    i want to get either a bullitt or a mach 1 (azure blue)

    so my question to you mach 1 guys is why should i get a mach1 over a bullitt???


  2. Mach 1: More horsepower, more styling, and newer. The only reason I can think of to get a Bullitt would be that the are probably cheaper.
  3. Bullitt: 5,500 produced, Mach 1: 16,700 produced between '03-'04. Mach 1 4V engine, Bullitt 2V engine. Mach 1 WAY better looks, Bullitt looks like a regular GT. Both have future potential collectibility. I went with the Mach 1 for the power, looks, and the history of the nameplate. The Mach 1 heritage in a new body style. Gotta luv it. :cool:
  4. +1....He summed it up right there... 32V FTW!!!!
  5. I would have to respectfully disagree with those 2 points. Your first point in subjective and, while true in your eyes, may not be in everybody's. The second point may be true to a casual observer, but to anybody who matters there is a big difference...John R

    After reading my post here I'm thinking it probably didn't come off sounding too cool. The first part is fine but the second part of my post sounds like the type of person I'd criticize for writing something like that. Sorry if it came off that way. What I meant to say is that I think most Mustang guys would be able to tell the difference. Maybe I'm wrong and it's just the Bullitt bias in me. Anyway-I personally like both cars a lot, but I had to have a supercharged car and only had so much budget to work with. I stopped looking at Mach 1's early in the game when I realized I just couldn't swing it financially. I would have been happy either way. I know I am happy with #0005......John R

  6. The DHG would be my only initial clue it would be different than a regular GT. The Blue or Black I would'nt have a clue unless I was behind it with the Bullitt badge in my face. Too many Mustangs have the Bullitt fuel doors, the rims, and some GT's are wingless also. If everyone kept their car stock, then it would be easier for me to tell the difference. Maybe I'm missing some other exterior differences?
  7. As compared to GT's-As you mentioned, the Bullitt's have no spoiler, this is one of the first things people notice. Also, more subtly-the side scoops are different than the GT's, the C pillar is unique to the Bullitt. Also-the brake calipers being red powdercoated & with running horse logo (front only on logo). Of course-there is the interior which is retro themed like the Mach 1, though I think the seats are different from Mach 1's. No doubt the differences are subtle, the Mach 1 is there for all the world to see, so if that's important then the Mach would probably be a better choice. But in my mind for the difference in money between like-condition cars you could really have a terror in a Bullitt for the same money stock or slightly modded Mach 1. Now if money isn't an obstacle, and you can afford to go forced induction on a Mach 1, then........That's a whole nother story...John R
  8. The C-pillar is another thing they both share, or at least it's different from the GT also.
  9. 32V engine and the shaker thats what sold me
  10. 02 GT in power but the upgraded interior was nice along with the supession/wheels. Here's a nice little Mustang 50 piece that compare both cars:

    No one know what car would be more collectable but if you look at the 60's Mach's the big hot rod engines are insane while the little 351's are still within most people range. For me the Mach had the name I grew up with and the Bullitt was a fictional movie but yes both are cool cars. At the rate the Mach's are being wrecked, modded, and raced it maybe veary hard to find a nice one it the future.

    If you would have come on the Mach board and ask rather to buy a 03/04 Cobra vs a Mach I'd say about 80% would have said Corba which is another special. For me the looks of the Mach with it's graphics, hood scoop, tires, suspension, and engine. The interior is about perfect too and you just have to set behind that rasied scope to sell you on it IMO.
  11. Easy decision, do you want a 4v live axle or a glorified 2v GT.
  12. Mach 1 and Bullitt are both incredible looking Mustangs - one is a little more eye catching (even the eye's of cops) and the other is more stealthy/sleeper.

    I think it'd be awesome for you to get a Bullitt and spend a grand to give it the Roush Shaker Hood (the coolest styling cue from the Mach 1). It is a badass custom touch that would only add to the stealthy look of a Bullitt (black shaker hood on a dark green or a dark blue Bullitt or even black on a black Bullitt). You could store the original hood so you don't depreciate the collector value of an original Bullitt.


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  13. Obviously knows nothing about Bullitts...................................

    Both are great cars. The Bullitt was one of the best handling new edge Mustangs built. Get a beat up Bullitt and put a 4V in it. Best of both worlds.

  14. Why :shrug:
    Get he Mach the Mach 1 handles well also and comes with the 32v and shaker retro gauges and seats, more horsepower blah blah blah
  15. I personally like the look of the Bullitt better. Cleaner and more subtle.
  16. I love the color of the paint (True Blue) on the Bullitts, they remind me of my 2001 Mustang GT painted the same color. I wasn't to sold on the Azure Blue hue on the Machs. Perhaps that's why I ended up with a Dark Shadow Gray Mach 1. Although, my coworker's AB Mach sure looks nice with chrome '03-'04 Cobra wheels...


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  17. I test drove a 2 Bullitts before I bought my Mach. I really liked both but the power of the Mach is a blast and if that don't sell you on a Mach then read this DOHC!!! :D
  18. GOOD CHOICE! :nice:
  19. i've had both. a DHG bullitt and currently have an azure blue mach. i like both :rlaugh:
  20. Mach 1 :nice: Could of had one but didn't have enough money :bang: