Mach 1 Mach 1 or Cobra for AutoX(Solo II)?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Ozman, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. I realize most people on Stangnet are more into drag racing, but my question concerns autocrossing(Solo II).

    I'm trying to decide between a Mach 1 and a 2003 Cobra. I'm thinking that the Mach 1 would be better because of the lighter weight, but the Cobra does have the IRS. If I stayed in the stock class, the Mach 1 would be going against the Camaro/Trans Am contingent, whereas the Cobra would be going up against the Z06, where it probably wouldn't stand a chance since it's so much heavier. But that power is so intoxicating!

    Opinions would be appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. I would lean to the Mach..but Im biased. The Z06 just has so much more goin for it with all the stability management and traction control etc... The Mach should have a better weight distribution (aluminum block instead of the cobras forged block). The IRS will help some I would think, but not enough to overcome what the Z06 has

    This is just my mostly uninformed opinion, so take it as you like.
  3. Z06>Cobra>Mach 1

    despite it's weight, the 03/04 Cobras are the best handling non-R V8 Mustangs ever. not quite in Z06 territory, but then again, not many cars are. now ofcoarse you can upgrade the suspension/tires to hang with the Z06 in the turns, then do the usual mods to the engine to blow them away in the straights.

    but in stock form, the Mach 1 is going to fare much better in it's repective class.
  4. I found out that the Cobra is now in A Class, which pits it against the C4 Corvettes(1984-1996). It's still probably at a handling disadvantage though.

    I received a letter from Ford today offering another $750 off on the A-plan price.
    I could probably get a Mach 1 for around $22,xxx, figuring in A-Plan and rebates.
    Mighty tempting!
  5. stock to stock, my money would be on the Cobra. C4's (other than the ZR1) aren't that great. they have lots of body flex, and they are sloooow!
  6. If you look at the classes. FS vs. AS...

    The Mach ould be against the 99'-01' Cobra and the F-body's. The Cobra's can do well but they do not have the TQ curve at low RPM's that are needed to pull out of the corners int eh tight courses.

    The 03' Cobra will be going against a well established Corvette division. It has been dominated by the Vette for just about ever.. The Vette has a better center of gravity and IRS. It is a better corner car all around. For the $$ it better be. The Cobra has the iron block. It has the extra wieght up high on the engine (Blower). It has some real disatvantages right out of the gate. I think it could make a good ESP car. It just has too much stacked against it in AS right now. It shold be in FS.
    I will be using the MACH this year. Just sent in my reg. for San Diego and Atwater national tour events. I will be taking the 03' to the local events from time to time. I just think that the Mach has the better chance at compeating right now. So do a lot of national champs. Dave who took the ESP class last year will be raceing a Mach this year.