Mach 1 Mach 1 tags

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 34Ford, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. I wonder if these tags would be considered a copyright infringement on Ford?

    I know they probably own the fonts, but I have no idea how you ask them. If it didnt cost much I would get them licensed.

  2. Word is that there is no actual Font, they just use a grapfic for the Logo
  3. Call the Customer Assistance Center at Ford and find out who to contact. You can get it off the website. I'm sure they wouldn't care, unless you're making huge profits from it. I called SVT once to get permission to use some of their logos and they were surprised and impressed that I even asked them. But then again, it for use in my chapter of SVTOA.
  4. I agree 34Ford you should ask Ford before making the Mach1 plates, because of copyrights of Ford. :)
  5. Another tag

    I had another tag cut today. Polished stainless.

    Shows fingerprints real bad though. :(

  6. That's one sweet plate :hail2:
  7. Hey 34Ford bring those plates tomorrow Southeast Mach1 get together in Concord Hooters in Concord, NC I see them in person. Love the plates :nice:
  8. Mach 1 tag frame on Ebay

    Anyone interested in a black chrome Mach 1 license tag frame with red "Mustang" & "Mach 1" script I have mine on EBay.

    I prefer a frame with a cover.

    Clicky here for Ebay

  9. I love it Dennis :nice: are you going any blue Mustang and Mach1 script?
  10. Oh no, Im not making these.
    I bought this one from the fellow who sells them on Ebay.
    He has been mentioned many times on the registry.
    He also makes the Mach 1 key fobs.

    I bought it and found out I cant have a clear cover to protect my tag, so Im passing it on.