mach 1 vs 00 gt

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  1. a few days ago i was leaving lunch and i saw a mach 1 go pass me. it would have it that he waited for me to catch up so he could race me. i didnt want to race him because i had a full car load ( me and 2 other passengers) and also forgot to turn off my a/c. i just cruised on passed him and didnt try to race him but he stayed with me so i figured what the hell i'll let him feel good about his car. we rolled from 30 mph and went from there. i thought it would at least be a close race but he got me by 1/2 car and we quit. i was just wondering what do these cars run and do you think if it was just me in the car with the a/c off would of it been a closer race. (check sigs) just had to get this off my chest. thanks :nonono:
  2. They're pretty darn quick... 300+ HP, DOHC 4v and 3.55 gears.

    When did you guys stop?

  3. Cobra Killer just ran low 12's with his...stock. :hail2:

    You never had a prayer. Those cars are VERY strong right off the showroom. With a good driver I'd be hesitant to put money on a race with one, and I have a blower.
  4. Low 13's you mean... :p

    And you have 3.73's and a blower, I'd put my $ on you :D
  5. What do they run? I ran a 13.2 @ 106 MPH with my bone stock Mach I w/ 500 miles on the odometer.. I'm sure I could cut a 13.1 or 13.0 pass if I could hook better..
  6. we stopped around 105mph
  7. Even with your mods, you're nowhere near a bone stock mach 1. These cars are making 270+ RWHP and 290+ RWTQ stock. With your mods you MIGHT be pushing 250 RWHP. My guess is, he wasn't going all out if he only beat you by half a car.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. The mach 1 motor in my car is stronger with just a C&L MAF and MAC c/b than my SOHC motor was with ported PI heads, crower cams, C&L, and full exhaust(LT's, prochamber, c/b).
  8. he was going pretty hard because he churped 3rd pretty good and so did i. im not doughting what you are saying but i think he was running pretty hard.
  9. Just curious, do you know what your SOHC dyno'd?
  10. I never had it dynoed. I finished the swap in November 02, the guy who was test driving it with me wrecked it the day we got it running. It was in the shop until late December. Then I deployed in March. Never got to it. I'll be the mach 1 motor dynoed in a few weeks or so, though.
  11. The new mach 1's are pretty much right on par with the ls1's...

    If he only put on half a car between 30-105 he probably couldn't shift to quick or he didn't know where the 32v needed to be shifted :shrug:
  12. He probably wasn't going full throttle...ive been SMOKED by a couple mach 1's.
  13. Am I missing something? It sounds like this guy is disappointed with a half car loss. I would say you did pretty darn good. How much closer does it get than a half car length? :shrug:

  14. My friend has a Mach 1 and I can blow his doors off with my vert. The fastest Ive ever seen his go was 13.2 ...
  15. I've seen stock Mach1's run 13.20's to 13.40's. Very fast cars.
    Just an FYI, the A/C shuts off at wide open throttle (WOT) anyway.
  16. Well ya, you are blown.. Hook a blower up the Mach, and who's doors will be blown off? Besides, 5 yrs down the line from now I'd say his car has a better chance of still being driven arouind. I know the Steeda tune has been good, but I've never seen a blown 4.6 (w/o forged internals) get over 75k miles w/o major problems. That is why I went Mach instead of blowing my 02 GT..
  17. AC doesn't turn off at WOT.
    I've tested this in 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear.
  18. I'll have to give it a try. The fan won't shut off but the compressor should........I always shut it off anyway if a race is about to break out

  19. u sure?? He ran low 13's at MMPIII with slicks. I can't imagine him being able to knock a full second off that.

    of course...the track conditons were pretty bad...I was about .2~.3 off my usual times myself. :nonono:
  20. Hmm.. Well I'm not -sure- if the compressor turns off, but air is definately still being pushed through. Still hot or cold but that would be since we're not at WOT long enough to notice the change.

    Maybe it does shut off then. :scratch:
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