mach 1 vs 00 gt

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  1. I just traded in my 02 gt with all bolt ons and 3.73's for a 03 mach-1 it only has about 150 miles on it and I can tell you that it is alot faster.
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  4. Why, do you want to blow your puny Cobra block? :D

    You had to push my buttons didn't you :rlaugh:
  5. Nuff :nice:
  7. My friend has a 2003 Mach 1 with an of road x pipe, a catback, and intake. Everytime we race i'll get him all the way through second gear and then after he hits third he starts to pull on me. I only drive a 1999 mustang gt with basic bolt ons, Diablo predator, exhaust, intake, and pullies. I've also beaten a couple of ls1's and some new 05 mustang gt's. I've notice my car accelerates crazy and thats where i get all of these cars. Sounds weird i know but i've done it so many times. Maybe cuz i know how to launch pretty well and cuz i get some good grip, i dont know. I only dyno at 250 rwhp and 289 rwtq.
  8. The A/C turns itself off automatically at WOT. All cars do this, so that excuse doesn't really work.
  9. holy thread resurrection batman! :eek:

    Mach1's pull up top.. 4V :nice:
  10. They will not run 13.1 without slicks(they are always freaks). You are talking about running on the street from a roll. A GT is not that different from a cobra(mach 1). Here they run real close depending on mods. Your a/c on makes about 3 tenths difference in the 1/8. It's the load that changes everything when racing turn it off for about a minute ahead of time. and if you lose the extra weight(passengers) it will help for every 100lbs is about a tenth.

  11. There has been more than one here running 13.1s without slicks so dont spout off misinfomation please:nono: ...and they were guy even ran a 13.05 when it was really cool outside with the paper plates still on the back
  12. I think he has a supercharger so he should be smoking a stock mach. Should be in the mid 12's or better with a supercharged 01 gt and the mach would be the same with a few mods so I don't know. maybe those extra bodies in his car amde it way slower.:shrug:
  13. He didnt have the blower in 03 when this was posted :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  14. A very entertaining thread to read after being dead for 2 1/2 years. :)
  15. Yes, they can. There isn't freaks, just good drivers and track prep.

    A/C is shut-off as Mike said, (Mustang5L5)...
  16. It is not mis info so. There have been more than a few run slower. I said there are some freaks and Im at the track a lot more than you. A paper tag 2 years after production I bet it was stock(paper tag does not mean stock). What was his 60'. That's got to be 1.8, 1.9,or faster. It also depends on what track you are at. I am not at sea level or cold temps.
  17. I guess professional drivers are not good drivers then.
  18. Lol, obviously your not thinking to well. "Professional Drivers" plague the magazines and tv shows, and you see that they get sometimes "slow" times compared to an enthusiast.

    I have seen "professional drivers" get 106mph in a 03 Cobra...and the list goes on...

    Just because one drives a fast car doesn't mean they are a good driver in any particular car...

    Think this one thru;)
  19. Cold temps can hurt track times...cold air isn't always the best. The density of water in the air is an effect to...

    An internal combustion engine runs off air/fuel, not air/fuel/a bit of water:)

    How do you know you have been to the track more than he has?

    I ran an 11.1 at a 1000ft. track my first time ever driving the bone stock 04 Mach 1...I know that is the equivalent of a low I'm sure with an experienced driver behind the wheel of a 4v/solid axle and good weather/track prep for grip, a high 12 is possible.
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