mach 1 vs 00 gt

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  1. I am talking fun ford weekend not mag.
  2. I stay at the track unless it is raining. Different car pull different on topend so there is no equivalent. And anything is possible but not likely high 12's(I dont think I will see it on street tires, not dr).

  3. Oh yea im sure you know how much I visit the track:rolleyes:
    You dont even have a clue that on what a Mach 1 can run down the 1/4 so I wont be listening to your babble or bad advice to people...whats next 03 cobras dont run 12's stock:notnice:
    And yes the car was completely stock since everyone there was looking it over after disbelief...sure it was about 40 degrees outside but hey
  4. Wow, what a waste of a thread :rolleyes:

  5. There are a few Mach 1's around here that are bad ass. A guy in my nieghborhood has a supercharged one that sounds so good.
  6. So you think everyone at FFW was the best driver in the U.S.? Do you think the track prep was the best prep that day compared to other tracks in the U.S.?
  7. Nice, find something else to do...:)

    You may not see it on street tires, but someone else might. I'm just saying, do not rule out that they can't do better than a 13.1 in the quarter.

    Plus, E.T. don't mean much to me, it is the mph they trap.

    They pull different because their is different drivers, shift points, air, weight, etc...
  8. keep watching MM&FF, a Mach here @ FFW ran a 12.96 @ 107. it was humid and warm (low 80's). but the track prep was amazing. he was bone stock. but then again I know this guy and he is an amazing driver.
  9. i ate some cheese today
  10. sure why not :)
  11. There is a guy in the Mustang club im in, he has a Mach with just a catback and that car hauls freakin balls.

    They are a great car, and I want to buy one when prices come down on them.

    Faster than Cobra's (non 03/04), but a little less power.
  12. ho post whoring :nono:
  13. not really, they just have a live axle to play with over the cobra
  14. racing form a roll is the winnnzor!!!!!!!11

    pure baller style homie :nice:
  15. Yeah I love it when John Force takes the tree at a 40 roll,.. man that freakin OWNZ!!1!!1
  16. maybe we can revive this in 2009 for a good continuing 3 year revival
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