Mach 1 Mach 1 vs. GT

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  1. I am intrested in getting a Mach 1 or a GT but I want to know what the difference between the two are? Thanx
  2. gt: 2v, 260 hp, most run 14's even with bolts on from what ive seen
    mach1: 4v 305hp, most run 13's, seen some into 12's with tires, and o/r x, 5speeds dyno 270 to 280ish, autos in the 255 area, very responsive 2 mod, raised hood and shaker.. machs beat some ls1's, gts only dream about it.. just to name a few..
  3. In my experience, Machs beat almost ALL LS1s. :spot:

    GTs are hardly even in the same category as far as i'm concerned. I haven't seen a GT at the track here break into 13s yet except for one with spray. I ran [email protected] the other day, which isn't bad for a 6000' DA. I'm hoping for 12s when I make the roadtrip to San Antonio this winter. There was an '05 GTO that couldn't run better than 14.1 here this last Friday :rolleyes:

    If you have the option, go for the Mach. See the above post for differences or do a search on both the Mach and GT. The difference between a 2V and 4V is quite noticeable, believe me.
  4. I had an 02 GT and traded it for my 04 Mach 1. The best way to decide which is best for you is to just test drive both. I love my Mach 1. My only gripe is its gas milage but with a car like this I wasn't expecting it to get that of a Toyota Prius.

  5. Hmmmmm . . . .

    I like the Mach over the standard GT. You can make the GT pretty fast but you have the 4v motor to start with in the Mach.

    I don't run 14.1s . . . :)
  6. traded up from an 01 GT to an 03 mach and dont regret it one bit.
  7. In Florida, I would hope you don't run 14.1s :flag:

    But here, the air sucks so bad that cars run a lot worse than they should. There's a guy here that I raced not too long ago, has a C5 Corvette auto with heads, cam, and long tubes and he ran a 13.2 at the track. He said stock he only ran 14.6 :rolleyes: . Me and him went from a dig. I had a ****ty launch, revved it too high. We were even off the line, but he pulled on me by the time I hit the end of 2nd. Through a quarter mile, he only had me by like 3 cars or so. And thats with my subs, spare, and all that junk in the back. I'd like to see what happens when I get a Good launch and have less crap in the rear to slow me down :nice:
  8. Florida in the cooler times of the year is great but dead suummer is a biotch with the heat soak and humid air.
  9. I have seen many GTOs that were timing better than the 05 GT and Mach 1, but I did see an impressive Mach 1 that did a 13.6...said all he had was a K&N filter. Thats pretty good.
  10. If that's the best he could muster, I'd ask him what's wrong! :shrug:
  11. go for the mach 1. when i got my 03 GT i had the opportunity to get mach, but didnt. now i regret it. but im getting an 06Gt, so all is good :)

    plus, the price difference isnt much now, like 1 or 2k right?
  12. Around here its a bit more than that. Most of the machs are in the 21-23k range and the GTs in the 13-15k range for 03/04s.
  13. That wouldn't be bad for a Mach 1 here to run 13.6 with those mods. I ran that in mine with my listed mods. But at lower elevations and better air, Machs should be running low 13s right out of the box bone stock. With some tires that would hook better, I could probably pull off a 13.4 or so...... damn the high DA
  14. Well, 05GTs were running 14.5 or higher so I'd say the Mach1 was pretty quick at 13.6 for the mods he had. Srt4s were around 14.5 also. GTOs 14. Track sucked...long lines w/heat soak. There was a 10 sec pickup that was pretty impressive.
  15. Ijust wanted to add that a mach 1 is a much better platform to mod than a gt. For every mod I do to get better times, u could do the same mod and always be faster...Plus the mach's just look down right mean!