MACH 1 vs GT ?????

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  1. So I was getting a bit warmed up to get myself a GT next Summer when I came across the "MACH 1" specs on a site.....pretty impressive w/305HP vs 260 HP on the GT and I didn`t know they even made them w/AUTO transmission .I think it would be a much much better investment and the diff. is only by a few $K !

    What do you guys think-IS THE MACH 1 A BETTER DEAL THEN THE GT + I might get a VORTECH Supercharger for it also ?????

  2. They don't like superchargers because of the very high comperssion ratio.
    The auto's dont have forged cranks, the 5spd's do.
    Mach1 has way better engine, brakes and suspension, not to mention you wont be "another face in the crowd"

    Try to get a cobra if you can, they are getting very cheap (low, low 20's for 2003)
  3. Mach 1 or the Cobra.
  4. If you can get the Mach 1, its a much better choice, that or the Cobra.
  5. I personally like the Mach 1 better. But if you plan on keeping your car for a while go with the Mach because they only made them for two years and made like 9,000 or 12,000 of them(I forget which one). It's going to be a collectable.
  6. 9,200 in '03, 7,100 in '04.
  7. Opps, so I guess it was 15,300 then.
  8. 16,300 :p

    Also, i HIGHLY doubt they will be collectibles
  9. I never was good in math. :nonono: Why do you think they're not going to be collectable?
  10. Most of the cars that have achieved true collector status were limited production runs. No Mustang is ever going to be in this category. If the you look at the original purchase price of a 60's Mustang, factor in adjusted costs for inflation and insurance over all those years, you'll see that they really aren't collectible, just desirable. Look at a mid 60's 12 cylinder ferrari if you want to see a collectible car. Even an XK-E, one of the most beautiful cars ever built, can't touch it in price. Why? There are just a lot more of them around.

    Don't believe me? Read Keith Martin's Sports Car Market Newsletter and you'll see auction results of cool older cars that sell for a pittance.

    If you buy a Mustang, or almost any other car, do it because you enjoy it and not because you think you'll make money, because you won't.
  11. Get the Mach 1. Yes the Cobra would be bada** but you don't have that Shaker Hood. Hooyah!!!!
  12. im only on my first semester of college, but as soon as i get outta here and get a decent job, a black mach 1 is gonna be parked in my garage

  13. Mach I all the way! The Mach ! is a DOHC 4v motor compared to the GT that has a SOHC 2v motor. The MAch I's powerband is insane, it doesn't stop pulling untill around 6k. BUT, I would stay away from slapping a supercharger on one right away. They have a very high compression ratio of 10.1.1. You owuld need to get new internals to lower the compression ratio a little so you could S/C it. Cams & bolt ons will get you to 350+rwhp. For the difference between the two, just go with a Mach I... I just got one a week ago and I couldn't be happier... plus there easy to modd and make some serious power off of:nice:

    BTW, this should be in the Talk section
  14. My Mach I




    Machine 1 all the way!

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  15. I was wondering when you were gonna post here.
  16. :rolleyes: :D You know I can never resist:rlaugh:
  17. hey worked V6 that`s a pretty nice MACH 1 you got, under the hood looks so clean,
    Are those the only 2 mods you have -did you lower it ??

    And yes I should`ve posted in TALK..........sorry my "mouse" slipped a bit to the left, got blown from the SHAKER HOOD on the MACH 1 :)
  18. amen
  19. LOL, thanks. I just have a Flowmaster cat-back on it now, but I have a SLP loudmouth II cat-back & BBK O/R x-pipe that's going on it ASAP (been busy). It's not lowered, i'm going to do that when I get wheels & tires
  20. Why are you going to get rid of the wheels? Those wheels are hot.