MACH 1 vs GT ?????

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MACH 1 or GT

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  1. Cause i'm getting some Black Bullit rims, with the deep dish in the rear
  2. If I knew I had the money and if I knew they would fit on a 2000 3.8, I would so buy them from you =P.
  3. Actually, they would fit.
  4. Black deep dish = :drool:
  5. thats the only thing i dont like about the mach 1, i wouldnt want to do anything to the exterior, changing the wheels would ruin the mach 1 herritage, same with the front bumper/chin spoiler etc.

    if i were you, i'd just get some wheel spacers for the rear instead of deep dishes
  6. ^ Wheel spacers aren't the same as deep dish rims or rims with a lip. Trust me, black bullitt rims with a chrome lip on them, rear windshield louvers, and a cammed engine.... it'll be nice
  7. I would do those exact same thing to my mach, if I had one. Your mach is gonna be as hot as your gf.
  8. In stock trim Mach 1 >

    But I had the decision when I got my 04 & I got the GT.
  9. Deep dish bullets 315/35 Nittos >
  10. Yep, deep dish black bullits with the chrome lip. 315's:nice:
  11. Having owned both a GT and a Mach, there's not much difference in daily driving except the seats in the Mach are much more comfortable to me. But when you decide to get up and go the mach wins hands down.

    +10 for the mach
  12. I might be late, but....

    4v > 2v


  13. +1 ... agreed worked... you bastard
  14. I`m w/you on that one OxMox, DEEP DISH all the way +the Bullits(DEEP DISH even) are about 15 Lbs less heavy than the Machs wheels, now the Mach wheels are also nice but if they made them Deep dish that would look even better w/the black accents on the inside of the wheel........

    When I get my MACH 1 I think I`ll do the BLACK BULLITS DEEP DISH also,although I am getting the wheels soon for my V6 I`ll just swap `em to the MACH but still keep the Original MACH`s. Are you selling your orig. MACH`s OxMox ? I think you should keep them.......:hail2:
  15. a company DOES make DD mach 1 wheels
  16. Yea, pretty much what everyone has said, go for the mach, it will be a much better investment, they are more rare than your common GT and will prolly keep their value longer too.
  17. muahaha!!1

    4v greater than teh 2v

    wait, wich one is the greater than sign? < or >:Teh-Win:
  18. :rlaugh: Sorry, I couldn't handle the mighty V6 anymore... too much power, had to down grade to a Mach:D

    So, when are you going to swap out the engine for teh 4v?
  19. ........and MACH 1 goes on Top again........
  20. I did the same thing, traded my '02 GT (it was my 1st Mustang, I loved that car) for my Mach, not much difference daily driving but there's a huge difference when you get on it, there's a ton more midrange and the 4v DOHC pulls a lot harder in the higher RPMs. Seats are much better, you don't fly off them in sharp turns. Also the brakes are much better...13inchers in the front. :nice: Then there is the holy**** factor when you're behind the wheel and you peer over that shaker. After you blip the throttle and it starts moving, man it's awesome. :SNSign: