MACH 1 vs GT ?????

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MACH 1 or GT

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  1. Why would you want a Mach1 in an auto? Anyways, they may be hard to come by. Just get a manual, you will love it.
  2. you buy a Mach 1 and put on the most over-used wheels ever to hit the Mustang community, besides Cobra Rs? Bullitts are nice and all but I'm begining to not like them because it seems the first thing everyone does is sell their stock wheels and throw bullitts on. I would say if you want deep dish, get DD Mach 1 wheels and stay unique
  3. :lol:

    did you get one yet!?
  4. Naaaahhhh, not yet but SOON, Still paying too much for Insurance--got DUI 2.5 yrs ago so by next summer should go down a bit and pay off my Convertible and then I`m good to go........Or if I can get financed sooner in early 2006 , otherwise I`m stucked w/$5-600 a month payments on a $23K Financing. I did found a few nice ones but there is no Yellow ones @: for around

  5. Well hurry up! these cobra owners are running around like they own the place!:lol:
  6. Carmax is expensive...try autotrader.
  7. Thanx zincyellow03,
    I tried and they are about the same $19-27K depending on the mileage........I think carmax is cheaper then the rest of the sites I`ve checked......Autotrader on the other hand is more expensive I think......the prices are a bit "PUMPED" in my opinion....well not really--There is one `03 w/only 84 miles on it for $24,995 and a bit tooooooo far from me ( NY)
  8. Hey, not to threadjack here, but I didn't think I should start a whole new thread to ask this question.

    Is the only difference between the engines in the Mach and a GT the heads? If I wanted to put some Mach 1 heads on my GT would I also have to change out the computer?

    Everything about my car says Mach 1 except the engine. I have the shaker hood, the Mach 1 striping, spoiler painted black, the whole deal. I just need to make it a real Mach 1.
  9. Alot is different about the machs just in the engine!

    4 vales (2 intake, 2 exhaust) and there from a lightening
    4 cams
    the heads are aluminum and bigger
    forged crank
    twin bore t-bodys
    aluminum blocks

    ...all in all the Mach 1 is it's own self. It's unique, a monster that can be unmattched and beat only by the cobra.
    bigger/different intake manifolds
  10. Or any modified car. I've seen a 2.3T make over 500hp. Heard about one run an 8.6 second quarter too.
  11. Dis tread needsa poll. ;)
  12. :rolleyes: Meaning stock for stock in the mutag realm

    :nice: make one... but make sure it has a "2 dragons option" :nice:
  13. +1
  14. +MACH 1

    :SNSign: :SNSign:
  15. So are the 2v heads :p

    From a launch the Mach is better than a 99-02 cobra.
  16. The Mach 1 engine block is aluminum
  17. TTT:D

    Teh Machs can nevar lose!!!11!!11!!!111111111111!
  18. My 94 honda civic with 45 lbs. of stickers and chrome wheel well molding can take the Mach........haha
  19. oh no! pwnage by teh civik & v-tak!
  20. teh civicz are da KEWL!11!!!!11111111111111111111!