MACH 1 vs GT ?????

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MACH 1 or GT

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  1. 1.8l V-tAk can nevar lose!!!!!11111111
  2. Oh snap. Time for teh custom slowness switch was some jack daniels injection. HP to Weight ratio says your ****ed.
  3. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: That video was funny.

    don't foget teh custom cow paintjob & the Co2 dashboard nitrous
  5. If you test drive a Mach 1 then a GT you will be dissapointed with the GT. I traded my '02 GT for an '04 Mach 1 and haven't regretted it at all. It's nice to have a car that belongs to the Mustang family but doesn't have 2 or 3 clones sitting in the same parking lot.
  6. We almost forgot the all powerful japanese spell that makes the fuel like a dragon! You can't get this anywhere. Had them overnighted from Japan, my uncle lives over there. He's like chinese.
  7. Oh yeah, and stay AWAY from Carmax! I was looking into getting a Mach 1 from them and they wanted to rape me on my trade in. You can't haggle with them. I just told a dealership what I was wanting and they found it for me. They tried raping me on the car's price but they haggled and I got it down to where I wanted it. I saved about $7,000 by going through a dealership instead of Carmax and got a 2004 instead of a 2003 and got one with only $1,600 instead of $10,000.
  8. ya, carmax will bend you over and rape you 5 times with a horse cawk & no lube:nonono:
  9. :(

    Ya,even though it has my name in it, carmax is a rip off. Like said, they screw you on trades and they price their cars higher than else were.
  10. :hail2: You got that right:hail2: , I found a few MACH 1`s at for less then $22-$20K even some for $17.5 from private parties but am still waiting to pay OFF my V6 (5-6 months the most) the Insurance is gonna kill me If I get one right now:)( $1300/6 month policy, paying now:( ).....When I pay it off I`ll just put the V6 to a minimum coverage and am GOOD TO GO:D
  11. Do you pay $1300 with full coverage? What company are you with. I also pay an insane price for my insurance. They dropped it this august to $1005 for 6 months. Maybe they charge yellow v6 stangs alot :shrug: . Actually, I saw this red Mach 1 that had only 13,000 miles go on ebay for $13,000.:jaw: I would have bought it, but insurance and all that fun stuff(if I would go with the Mach I would have full coverage). I might be upgrading to a GT or Bullitt and you can't even buy a decent one for that much. If I don't get the GT/BULLITT/MACH/COBRA I still win, because I got my V6. I still have the rest of my life to own anyone of those cars. Alot kids I don't have anything close to a mustang. So, I'm still happy with her.
  12. I am w/Mercury Insurance, but the premiums are high because I had a DUI 3 yrs ago,My first licence in USA was @ my 21st B-day and am paying Full Coverage because it`s a Financed vehicle (that`s the law in CA-you must get Full coverage if Financing)......
  13. That would explain it. I got a clean record, but my before that my mom totaled her car and they both got a couple of tickets...I think I might insure it in my name, I might be better off :rlaugh: . Where you from?
  14. Originally from MACEDONIA-Europe,

    Yep If I shopped around I think I could get a better deal but it`s ok for now......I`m just waiting to see my renewal notice and how much it would be....although got better deal @ PROGRESSIVE 300K/500K coverage for about $1200.........check them out for yourself ZINCYELLOW03
  15. I just got my 2000 V6 a few months ago for $8986 with 6.2% interest. So 4 years and 8 months of $190 a month until mine is paid off. But soon I'll be dropping more money =D. $280 in the bank and a $500 check in 2 weeks with another $500 check 2 weeks after that and a $300 check in february + my bday in feb? oh yeah.
  16. Great deal TMX........I had mine Refinanced a few months ago(21.2% was my old rate-BAD CREDIT) now it`s 17.5%...paying $221/moX60=$13.260 can`t let that happened so am paying about $1000/mo still owe $6600 so in 5-6 mo paid off.I might put aside all mods for now just to pay it off ASAP and get my:jaw: MACH 1.....:jaw:
    Check this out, I wish it was closer though :
  17. blue mach I = teh winzorz! (but white is fasters)

    automatic mach I = piitb with no lube!
  18. Don't really car for the azul blue, but I'd take it :D Ox, yellow Mach's are faster, everyone knows that. Ya, I didn't know that they made Mach's in auto untill a found on ebay about a year ago. I though someone made it custom into an auto.:rlaugh: But honestly, I'd still take an auto too.
  19. I like auto because of the stop and go. And the fact that I'm lazy. My 2.3T might be a T5 cause the old a4ld SUCKS when you have power. And sorry, black stangs go faster.
  20. teh mahcs pwn joo!