MACH 1 vs GT ?????

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by b52yellow, Oct 18, 2005.


MACH 1 or GT

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  2. GT

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  1. You just wait till I get my 2.3T done on a 2600lb car and get it to Florida. mwahahaha
  2. teh mach pwns joo all!
  3. I really don't care for either, stick or auto, but I like auto better because I don't know if I'd be able to drive stick when I go to school. The street's are nuts. I'm always dodging cars. I'm always going into the wrong lane to dodge those damn cars who think they can park anywhere if they have their damn "emergency lights" on. Bastards. :mad: Oh and you don't know how many people just pop out from behind cars. My almost always do this. They pop out at the worst time, and they walk straigh ahead and won't look at you. I guess they think "If I don't see him, he's not there". Or my other favorite are those that are crossing the street and they start walking towards you when your going 35-40. :nonono:
  4. late 60s to 71 Machs with 429 super cobra jets with ram air pwn all. Even new ones.
  5. argh! must protect my domain!!!
  6. :drool:

    My favorite stangs...
  7. Max in Mel Gibson form = my favorite Max :drool: :drool:
  8. Damn right!
  9. Ok Fellas now we can VOTE so we know where averybody stands after all these discussions..........
  10. Sweet :nice: The Mach has my vote!
  11. +1 teh machine 1 can nevah lose!:hail2:
  12. Maybe to a cobra ;)
  13. kebrah pwns all in teh mutag realm. :(
  14. I love the machs. The ONLY thing I don't like about 'em is the fact that they come with 245's on 8-inch-wide rims.

    -Get TWO 17x9 mach 1 wheels w/275 DR's out bach, stock fronts.
    -PHP Airbox
    -catted x-pipe
    -catback of chioce
    -short throw
    -SCT 2 Cal tune

    :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  15. :stupid: :drool:

    i'm working on it!

    no wheels & tires yet... going with dd black bullitts. 17x9 front 17x10.5 rear with 245 front & 315 rear.

    k&n drop -in (not really a modd)
    bbk o/r x-pipe
    slp loudmouth 2 cat-back
    mgw short throw
    diablo predator

    getting it dynoed in jan:nice: hopeing for 305 - 310 rwhp
  16. I like the Mach's better than the cobras, to tell you the truth.
  17. hey OX where you going for Dyno???:shrug:
  18. Either Ramseys Performance or Coastal Dyno. I'll probably end up Going to Coastal :nice:
  19. yeah those are the two guys im thinkin about getting to tune ours up with diablo predators after the new year.
  20. cool, go with coastal. they're good there.