mach 1 wheels and brand new tires

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  1. I have a set of 4 2003 Mach 1 wheels from a 2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1. I had these on my V6 then I sold it and was going to put them on my 89 but now i think i may be going a different direction. the tires are Sumitomo HTR-Z II. 4k on them tops. They are in beautiful condition. I think 2 of them have a bit of curb rash on them. Ill try and get some better pics tomorrow. Located in Dudley Mass. looking to get around $750.

  2. bump for nice wheels and tires. someone come get them for $600
  3. get some beautiful mach 1 wheels 600 is a steal.
  4. do people not really like these kind of wheels. i looked all over for them.
  5. i'll be honest.. they are a nice clean look for a mustang... not the most aggressive.. however i just don't have nearly that much cash to offer
  6. $500 for wheels and tires? i thought i was like giving them away...
  7. ^^brand new tires at that.
  8. Tempting as I am close enough to pick them up, however I already have 2 perfect condition Mach1's that I picked up cheap a while back so I'm really only looking for 2 wheels :(
  9. ya if you want to pick them up and sell the two that arent in good shape. 1 is perfect and one has minor minor rash. you could sell the ones that are bad for cheap. i have someone who wants to buy them for $500 ill give them to you if you can top that. he wants shipping but id rather a pick up.
  10. still for sale. $500 + shipping unless you wanna pick up
  11. trades for 4 lug wheels and tires?
  12. still have them?

    hello, i have been looking everywhere for a new set of these Ford Racing Mag500 rims for my Mach1, do you have them still? if so can you take more pics i want to see the damaged ones you claimed to have, not really interested in the tires. but if the rims are original Ford and not aftermarket hit me up and i will be interested in negotiations...


    -2003 Dark Shadow Grey Mach1
  13. hey i pm'd you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.