Mach 1000 sub enclosure?

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  1. I have me a 04 cobra right now and i am looking to upgrade the stereo.I do not wanna go to crazy with it like i did my 95 ,basically i am looking for a sub box exactly like the one for the shaker 1000 that is formed specific for the trunk side area. does anyone know where i can find one or does anyone have one for sale? i do not want just a square box or a slanted box i want the formed one .Thanks in advance!!
  2. +1, that is the enclosure I am also running in my 04 Vert. Just change out the crappy MTX subwoofer it comes with.
  3. It says that it does not fit verts on the info. Y ou obviously have a vert and it still fits? i have a vert also. there isnt any more optios out there?
  4. It says it doesn't fit but it does. I had it originally for my 96 coupe and put it in my vert when I bought it. You can sometimes get lucky and find just the Mach 1000 enclosures on ebay. The Mach 1000 sub enclosures fit in the sides. But most of the time its the full Mach 1000 setup and they always want a pretty penny for it. They make aftermarket side enclosures for the 05 and up. Not sure if they would fit an 04, I am guessing not. JBL makes a stealthbox which is similar to the MTX thunderform box. The other route would be custom built ones.

    Just remember in a vert, if you have a box in the trunk, its going sound different when the top is up vs. down.
  5. Yes thats kinda what i am looking for is something that sits to the side like the 1000 . I am going to watch ebay if anyone sees one please le tme know. thanks for all the info . and yes this is my first vert so i am sure the sound will be way diff . with top up vs down.
  6. I also changed out the sub that the enclosure came with, I used an MDF (wood) trim ring and with a little filing I slid a 7500 MTX into it.
  7. Heres my setup in the trunk.

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  8. Hey you said that it fits the vert. Did you have to remove anyting from the trunk for it to fit. Like any panels or anything like that. I have a 04 cobra and i really dont want to take out or modify anything. I wish i could decide on what to do for the dam sub. i ordered everything but the sub and enclosure. I went with the kenwood dnx8120 ,kicker 5.25 seperates for front and back. Alpine 5 channel amp(trying to save space)....sub and box ..who knows.
  9. No, did not have to remove nothing. I really don't know why it says it does not fit the vert when it surely does.:shrug:
  10. Well i received the box yesterday and installed it . It does fit but it just doesnt seam like it fits correctly . Like the contours are a lil diff with the plastic trunk sides then what maybe is on the coupe? I dont know i still have to play with it a little Can you shoew us a pic of it in your vert so i can compare it to the pic up there that looks to be in a coupe. Thanks i appreciate it.
  11. Oh yea also did you leave all the filler inside (for thoes who replaced the sub to a diff one) of it when you changed out your sub? I did replace mine with a kicker comp...
  12. Yeah, leave the poly-fill in. It makes the enclosure appear larger to the sub.
  13. for poly fill, you can experiment with the amount, but don't over do it. Polyfill usually works best in sealed boxes, but you can add it in ported/vented boxes.
  14. i have a set of mach 1000 sub boxs if you are interested
  15. Tristain, are you still selling you mach 1000 enclosers?
  16. yes i am sorry for the late rply i totally forgot when i got the email..... i live in the dallas texas area. email me at [email protected] if you are still interested