Mach 1 Mach 1's w/ aftermarket wheels!!

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  1. Ok guys I am sorta/ kinda thinking about getting a Mach, so I wanna see what they look like w/ aftermarket wheels. Time to show off and Post some pics for me :nice:
  2. Okay, here's mine. AFS 17x9, full chrome w/255-45-17's all around.


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  3. Here is AFS 18" wheels in black.

  4. which rims to buy

    This thread is helping me out alot guys! I've narrowed my rim selection down to both of these AFS wheels , 34ford were those black chrome rims purchased off of ebay? Also TR03Mach1 would your stock center caps fit in those heritage chrome wheels? I noticed you had the black cobra centercaps.
  5. Hey Dennis, car is looking good buddy! :nice:

    Yes, the stock center caps will fit the AFS wheels, which all come with the Cobra caps. I had some issues getting the stock rims off (broke the key on one wheel, TWICE. Finally had to cold chisel the wheel lock off and purchase a new set of lugs and lock!) so I was just content to get the wheels on. Once I got them mounted, I realized I hadn't changed the center caps, but by that time, both my wife and granddaughter said they liked the look of the snakes, so I figured I wouldn't make a special effort to change them until maybe the first brake pad replacement time rolls around! :D BTW, I got the wheels and tires off an AFS auction on eBay for just a tick over $1100, mounted, balanced, and delivered to my door!

  6. See my avatar for a real crappy pic of my Halibrands
  7. Yes, I did buy them off of Ebay. But......I bought the all chrome ones for $612 and then painted the black myself.
    Saved a bunch of money. :D

    Your also looking good there TR03 :nice:

  8. WOW those look great!!! thats a great looking Mach!!1

  9. I have the same wheels you do although I did by mine already painted. I though about going to 17 X 9 / 17 X 10.5 but only come in all chrome. How did you paint yours? Did you powercoat them?

  10. Well I do have a powder coat gun, but I couldn't bring myself to putting the new rims in a oven at 350 degrees :rolleyes:

    So I taped the spokes off and sanded the chrome for the paint to get some bite.
    Then used a black spray enamel then covered with a clear coat of polyurethane.

  11. Some sweet Machs here guys!!
  12. seen a min. gray mach with cobra r's and look alot better then the mach 1 wheels, just my .02
  13. Hey do you have a better pic of your rims? I would love to see a bigger pic! I am trying to decide myself which rims to go with.
  14. Sweet looking Mach! I think you helped me come to a decision about what rims to get for my azure mach!! Very nice looking :nice:
  15. Thank you for the compliments. I am happy with the way they look. You dont seem them often thats for sure.
  16. 18x8.5, 18x10.5, BBS RKs.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. AFS 18X9 Chrome Mach 1's 275/35/18's all around

  18. Racing Sparco's, 17 x 8 front 17 x 9 rear.
  19. These are for sale

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