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  1. Hey OKay had a few questions if anybody out there is very familiar with the Mach 460 and the Premium sound systems and radio and cd units. My bro has a 97 GT with a Mach 460...the wiring harness is iffy so I purchased another one, but am going to replace his cd player because it is broken. Now are the Mach wiring harnesses the same as the premium harnesses? (Radio to CD to Amp- and that crossover wire thing). Also I saw a radio combined with a cd player for a 93 mustang, but I think I have seen that radio in a 95 or 94 somewhere and wondered if it was stock or if somebody jimmy'd it in. Just want to know if it (93 combined radio and cd) uses the same harness connectors as the 94-98 harnesses for the mach 460 to work in say a 97 gt? Thanks guys.
  2. i just replaced my cd player, i also have the mach 460 system,

    all i needed was teh main wiring harness, and and adaptor that allows one set of rca's that come out of the deck to mate up with the amplifier wires.

    id try to get the amp harness part from radio shack or some other small place, best buy and such will try to charge you 80-100 bucks, i got mine for 15
  3. The adapter is Metra 70-5514, already used it on my Mach 460 and it's a perfect fit. There is a Mach 460 kit, 70-5519, but it's for a 2000+ Ford. Bought one by mistake, spliced it all together, then it wouldn't plug into my harness. :(

    Instructions are vague with the kit, but each wire is marked on the wire. Just splice all the available wires together between the Metra harness and the one that came with your head unit. If you end up with a few that don't match up, that's OK. The important ones will.
  4. combined radio/cd

    Okay. Thanks for the replies. But will the 93 combined radio/cd (1 unit) fit the 94-98 Mach 460 harness? My bro has a 97 I have a 95 both with Mach 460. :shrug: And are the stock harnesses the same for premium and Mach systems? :shrug:
  5. i think it just depends on how they did the system in your specific model,

    ive heard of people with the mach 460 system, need the special adapter piece, some dont.

    it sounds like you want to use the older 93 radio in the newer mach 460 system

    i would highly recomend spending 100-150 bucks for a decent head unit.

    when i put my alpine in (120 bucks) the sound quality and clairity went up 10 fold. its absolutly amazing how much better it sounds without the stock head unit in there. just a much cleaner experiance all around, it realy brings the system alive.

    as for the premium vs mach 460, i think the mach 460 has 3 amps, im guessing the premium dosent. My mach 460 unit has a big main plug and 2 smaller plugs for the amps so its realy difficult to tell without just pulling it out and looking
  6. mach 460 question

    Okay, another question. Since whoever owned my bro's car freaked up the wiring harnesses by cutting into them maybe for something aftermarket, but I don't know. Okay well he has the stock radio and cd in there now. okay now when I cut all the tape away and pulled the harness out. I think this a question for those of you who have pulled a radio/cd harness out of a 97 mustang. Once you have the radio and cd player out and also the bezel out of the see that there are two connectors on the right side, up on the side there and there are 3 things that plug into the small front amp itself. I hooked up the new harness and for the life of me I cant get the speakers to work. The radio turns on but no sound. There are two wires that come out of this unknown harness it hooks up to the amp, but is not part of the radio/cd wiring harness. I think this is my problem. It is a black wire with a green stripe, and a blue wire that had an extention (orange wire crimped on). Where do these go?:shrug: I am lost right now. When I hooked up the blue wire (orange end) to one of the orange wires in the harness, I got a loud throbbing sound out of the speakers, so I know this is my problem, but I don't know which wire to hook it up to or what to do with the (green w black stripe) one. Anybody ever been in there to know what I am talking about?
  7. +1 For the whole new head unit idea. Thats always been the first mod to my cars. I used to install stereos on the side when I was in the military though so its my natural inclination to ditch the stock stereo. Its really crappy. Mach systems are ten times better than stock, and aftermarket setups done right can be ten times better than that. Either way the stock unit CD players arent usually long for this earth. They dont read most disks, they skip too easy and are slow to read. Ive had some aftermarket recievers that you could put in CDs with cracks and theyll still play a majority of the songs.
  8. its realy hard to say anything,my mach 460 system, the radio part had 3 hook ups, the reqular grey rectangle one. then it had 2 smaller black 4 or 6 pin connectors.

    the grey connector only did, power, remote turn on, ground, and transfered the signal from the cd player to the radio unit.

    the other 2 black plugs were for the amps and speakers.

    in my case the mach 460 has 3 amps, one in the dash under the cd player, and 2 in the rear.

    i had the same problem when i did my aftermarket head unit, but my case was that the remote amp turn on was mixed with my antenea.

    it is also possable that ford changed the wiring harness configurations at some point between those years
  9. Front AMP 94-98 Mach 460

    Aight well took the car to get the radio harnesses checked out. Apparently the guy told me that the rear amps were not getting power. Now...from what I understand the front amp powers the rear amps. I got a new wiring harness so I know its not the wiring. The radio powers up and the sound comes on...but its really low even though the radio is full blast. So there is no bass in the sound and I have the volume literally at max but there is hardly any sound. I heard that the front amp could be blown because they have built in fuses inside them. Is this true? Now Ive seen some amps that have 3 power outlets and some with 2 outlets. What are they for? My bro does have a convertible, does this power the top motor? Anyway, just wanted to know because the top motor works, but no power to my rear amps so I am wondering if the amp is even blown. I don't know what else to check for. Any Help...Please.:(
  10. HELP! with my Mach 460 PLEASE

    EZ question. Is there any fuses that are hooked up to the amps and or the radio/cd player unit? If so let me know. Everything checks out, but still no bass. All fuses seem okay, but what about the black ones and the silver ones? Any ideas?

    Okay, here is the scoop now. I have a new radio/cd wiring harness, new front amp and I checked the rear amps by putting in my amps from my car into my bros and still the same outcome. NO BASS. Highs sound great but the lows are not working. Now is it possible that I blew the speakers. I thought you can't really blow speakers completely at least I should be hearing popping, but Its like I have no power going to my lows and for that matter the rear amps or something. Long story short, everything checks out. My final question is if anyone knows about any fuses that are related. All clear fuses check out. What about those black ones or silver ones?
  11. all i can realy comment on is that ford designed the amps in such a way where you can turn your volume all the way up and still not blow the speakers, not that its impossable but highly unlikely.

    sorry i do now know anything about the fuses or anything
  12. an in-dash amp with 3 ports is for the mach audio,the amp with 2 is for standard sounds like the rear amps are bypassed.the rears are for sub outputs,the 1 front is for tweets also send the audio sig to rears.the front is like the brain of the mach system.does not sound like a fuse,could be the front amp but i dont think it is,to be sure you can try switching the amp with no bass for the amp from the other stang they should be the same...but it sounds like wiring to me.there should be only 2 connectors to install an aftermarket deck...1 long for power,ect...the other a square 8 wire with a silver end all for audio,that should run to the front amp.hope this helps a little.i,ll give it more would be great if you could post some pics of the wiring.
  13. i reread your post,you already switched them,sorry.i rewired my bros 02 gt with mach to accept an amp from a 95 mach to change his factory headunit for an aftermarket headunit about 2 years ago,trying to find my notes.
  14. Mach 460 fixed.

    Well apparently when I unplugged the small yellow wire that goes underneath the dash (from radio/cd wiring harness). I plugged in the new one and forgot that there is a third yellow wire that goes up near the cluster that was cut (by me apparently that I forgot). so yeah didn't find out this until I peeled some of the black tape back. So I got bass back...for my brother.