Mach 460 aftermarket amp install with factory headunit

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  1. I want to install an aftermarket sub amp in my 98 mustang gt convertible.

    I was wondering if any can lead me in the right direction on which wires to hook my line output converter to. I was told to splice into the subwoofer speaker outputs.

    Also wondering if anyone has pics of their subwoofer install in a convertible?

  2. You can take your line output converter and tap into the rear speaker wires (both sides--positive and negative), then run the RCAs to your amplifier.

    As for a power supply, you can pick up a wiring kit from any electronics store or even WalMart. You just need to get one that is appropriate for the wattage you are running.

    I ran a truck box in my 1995 Cobra and in my 2004 GT with a single 12" JL Audio subwoofer. It's now found its way into my DD (1998 Honda Civic). It was nice because it still left me some room for stuff (golf clubs, shoes, baggage, etc).
  3. Well I got everything installed and now dealing with tuning the LOC gains and amp gains. Any suggestions on proper way to adjust LOC? Which adjustment is mor crucial, LOC and amp.

    I am getting very good bass but overpowering the rest of the system. I installed an XA1000 Eclipse amp and 12w3 JL sub.

    I spliced two wires on each rear subwoofer speaker outputs for the loc. I had to use the data input wires to determine which amp was what.

    I did have some issue getting my 4 ga power wire through the firewall grommet. Would of been a cake if I would of had some to help.
  4. I would set the LOC gaines at about half and then just gain the amp as if you were runnung it of an aftermarket deck. Your overpowering bass issue is because you now have a good sub/ amp setup and the factory system can't match the volume produced by the sub. Time to upgrede mids and highs and add an amp! (Trust me, I ended up completely replacing my mach system and adding a sub.)
  5. I am going to agree with 2badstangs, i will most likely replace all speakers and new head unit over the winer.

    Can people give me suggestions or ideas on what people have done to replace your MACH 460 system?

    I am thinking component on adapter plates over 5x7 or 6x8.
  6. I used Infinity Kappa 5x7 components, they just drop in. No adapter needed for the mid. I am happy with the sound. Mine are last years model of these: Infinity - Car Audio