Mach 460, bout to burn it down

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  1. I've done alot of research and can't find anything on the wiring that I need, I bought this mustang and the volume barely works, it has two places in the dash for a single din radio and something else, I'm assuming a tape player? (power wires are there just no plug, prev owner cut them)

    the radio in it say Ford and is a cd/fm in one, single din, the stock power plug is still in tact, radio turns on but only works on the first volume level (maybe HU is blown, I have another to add, after market)

    I read alot of posts on here saying "buy the adapter" now for my biggest problem!

    I have the 3 amps (one under radio, two in trunk) the amp in the dash has 3 cords, one looks like an output and the other two are all in tact, now the part that plugs into the radio, there is a 6 pin plug the was in the back of the radio, it has cut but put back together (all colors matching) I followed the wire to find it was cut and splices into another wire (bunch of wires in a big gray shell) this go to the amp, well where they connect dont match color, also there's 8 wires coming from the amp and 6 from the radio, oh ya and only the tweeters work (even the junky one volume level head unit)

    how can I fix all this? is there a way to buy a new OEM amp to radio plugs?

    down to point question, will this be easy to fix?
  2. sorry for spamming again but

    I assume the wires coming from the amp goes to the radio in the 8 pin plug spot (but there is no plug it was cut and removed)

    where does the 6 pin plug wire to? there are no other wires hanging besides power wires to the other opening assuming a tape deck.....
  3. still doing research on this and I found this

    on the right of the radio all the wires are here but with only one plug, to the amp.... now I can't fine this other plug, fits snug and it's a 6 wire where in the diagram is 8, could someone of put a different harness in this? I had to cut all the tape to remove these wires but somethings not right, I figured someone added another radio to this, but how to fix it? :shrug:
  4. I think i may know the problem, the stock power plug is fine, works on this radio (with ford written on the front)
    Radio above

    the back of this radio has 4 plugin spots and an antenna spot

    1 - Main Power Harness
    2 - small square 6 pin hook-up
    3 - rectangle 8 pin hook-up
    4 - small 2 pin hook-up
    5 - Antenna Hook-up

    number 2 above is the plug I have with the opposite end missing, the colors are


    makes no since to me, but if I hard wire the new aftermarket radio plug to the amps speaker cable it should work right? (just the speaker wires, I'll jump off the main power plug for all else)