Mach 460 'CD ERROR'

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  1. Ok so when I loaded a CD today it came up with the lovely "CD error" message. So it won't play cd's and it won't spit my cd's back out. Last time this happened I unhooked the batterry and the system reset itsself and worked fine....this time, not so much. What am I supposed to do? Houses of the Holy is in there!
  2. HurricaneJesus, welcome to the club. I am assuming your CD looks like it is on it's way out but will not move. If you can see it then this is what I have to do. I had to take a paper clip and bend it so it formed a hook and the fish the cd out by hooking it in the hole. Go in from the top so you don't scratch the cd. Once I pulled the cd out, then I disconnected the battery. It reset and everything fired back up and I was able to jam. It works like a charm. Only problem is it never gets better.
  3. No it was doing that for a while and my remedy was I would beat the top of the dash a few times and it would come out (no ****, try it). Now there's not even any mechanical noises and it's not even trying to do anything. Just an error message. I've unhooked the battery a few times at this point and tried some prying and jimmying but no luck.
  4. Think I fixed it,'s how from another forum:
    To remove the 1/2 ejected CD

    1) CAREFULLY carry the unit and place it on a flat, stable surface (bench or table). As stated above, if you drop the unit it is toast.

    2) As you look at the side of the unit you will see that it is actually 2 separate boxes (CD Changer on top and radio on bottom) stacked on one another held together by metal brackets on either side.

    3) Remove the top 2 torx screws on both side brackets. As you look at the sides of the unit it will be obvious that these torx hold the CD changer in place.

    4) After the 4 torx screws are removed (2 on either side of the unit) gently lift the back of the changer (top metal) box up and back from the unit's face plate. BE CAREFUL there is a delicate ribbon cable that connects the CD changer to the radio unit. You may or may not want to disconnect the ribbon cable. I typically don't disconnect the ribbon cable.

    5) Remove the 5 or 6 (I can't remember exactly how many there are) tiny screws that hold the top cover on the metal cd changer box.

    6) once the screws are removed lift the top cover off. This will expose the changer assembly.

    7) It will be obvious which CD has gotten stuck. Gently grab the front edge of the stuck and pull the cd out through the load/eject slot. If there is not enough front edge of the CD to grab, push the back edge of the CD toward the eject slot with somthing soft and narrow like the pocket clip from a ball point pen cap. Once you have exposed enough front edge of the CD to grab, gently pull the stuck CD out.

    Getting rid of the "CD ERROR"

    1) Once the stuck CD is out, look into the front of the CD changer unit. You will see four "rubber" rollers each about 7/8" long.

    2) Take a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol and clean those rollers. The rollers are the culprits. They get dirty/oily and slip on the edge of the cd's so the disks don't completely eject.

    3) Once the rollers are good and clean reverse the above procedures to put the unit back together and reinstall it.

    After reinstalling I let the unit completely finish its "reset" cycle before I attempt to test the player. This takes about 30-45 seconds.
  5. Even easier way i found:

    req'd parts- cdr or scrap cd, clear shipping tape.

    take 2in of tape, adhere 1in to the bottom (non label) side of the donor cd Sticky Side Up!!, use the cd to feed the exposed tape onto the bottom of the stuck disc, slowly pull disc out.
  6. I have also heard of using a credit card to encourage the cd to eject.

    That is great info HurricaneJesus.
  7. i am have the same cd error message but mines not jammed. ive had the same cds in there for a mouth and with out noticed it just wont play/eject or load any cd`?
  8. What ive done in the past..

    Use another cd to push down the stuck cd and it will usually come out.

    Unplug the negative battery and leave it off for a few minutes. When reconnected the changer should go through its check cycle and will correct the problem.

    And kicking the side of the dash by the cd
  9. Don't ever load the #1 or #6 CD slots, just use 2-5.
  10. I heard that 6 cd's mess it up. Ive kept 5 in there since I heard and havent had a problem. 1 & 6 have cds as well.
  11. I got curious about this because my Mach 460 is like Charlie Brown's kite-eating tree too. I decided to pull it apart and have a look inside.

    The 6-disc portion of the changer is completely separate from the main part of the tuner chassis. The changer is held in place with 4 T-15 Torx screws. Once these are removed, it can be tilted up in the chassis and the two cables (one ribbon cable, one 2-wire discrete) are disconnected the CD changer slides away from the tuner and front-panel part of the head unit.

    Once apart I can see the CD rollers and mechanism. Pretty standard fare but one thing I noticed was a small drive-belt running basically the width of the changer at the "front" (i.e. where the CD slot is.) This belt is responsible for driving the wide CD rollers. See pic:


    In mine, this belt looked very slack. If this belt is slack the rollers may not get enough torque to move the CD or they may not turn evenly, resulting in the CD becoming cocked in the mechanism.

    In order to remove it, I had to remove a printed circuit board and de-solder one connection, then I could tilt a second board (the one I'm holding up in the pic) up and out of the way and remove the belt.

    The belt is a square-drive with 0.047"-section width. The length looks to be in the 11.5" range. I went out to a local parts store and they only had an 11.7" belt. I suspected it wouldn't work but tried it anyway. Once installed, it seemed about as slack as the original. I think it actually needs a belt in the 11.3" range to be adequately tight on the rollers. Anyway, I re-assembled, soldered, connected etc and re-installed it. The unit took a CD fine but would not eject it. Eventually I got the "CD error" message again and now it thinks there's no CD in there. LOL.

    Okay...I'm not giving up on this belt idea. I'm going to try to source an 11.3, .4 and .5 and will see if that helps.
  12. Good stuff! I do not understand why that board had to be de-soldered? It does not look like it is impeding the removal of the belt...
  13. The board itself is held in place by two tiny screws. It has several flexible printed circuits (FPCs) soldered directly to it. In the pic you can see one leaving off the right and a couple of larger ones leaving off the back. The problem is that there's one -- a two-trace deal -- leaving off the front. Here's a pic:


    In this pic I've already desoldered the two-trace guy. He must be desoldered to tilt the board up and back to clear the way to remove the belt.
  14. Ford should have used chain drive, not belt drive :jester:
  15. If wmburns reads this (maybe I should PM him...): Can you post the connector info for the back of the unit? Next time I have it out of the car I want to bench-power it and would like to know the power and ground connections.
  16. Did some more checking. I don't think it's the belt I've shown above. With the covers off I lubed up some moving points, went back and plugged it in and inspected the mechanism as it went through it's dance and it seemed to work flawlessly for me. (Hafta say that is one complex mechanism...)

    I went back and screwed the covers back on and tried it again and got all sorts of "cd error"s again. After a while, it seemed to work okay again though it seemed like once in a while I did have to tap the side of the console to get it to spit a CD out.

    I dunno... I'll keep digging when I have time to see if there's any sort of mechanical issue related to the covers or being screwed back in place that might interfere with the operation of the changer. Very strange.
  17. I just punch the dog **** out of it until it spits it out lol :chair:
  18. To the one who took apart the changer. Is it possible to swap the front faceplate? I cracked the clear cover over the display when the changer was giving me problems a while back and now theres a chunk of plastic missing. I was thinking of swapping the whole front "faceplate" minus the door that moves up and down cause mine says Mach 1000.
  19. The front panel can be removed, yes. The door is part of the panel though.

    You should be able to remove the door from your old one and swap it over the replacement.
  20. CD Player/Changer will not work. No Jam Thats something different

    I took the advise of a fellow StangNet member who's thread i read. I disconnected the battery then reconnected it after a couple minutes.

    I turned on the radio unit. The CD Player "initialized"(what ever this means) I guess it resets itself. At first the unit did nothing but played the radio. I waited a bit then turned off the unit then turned it back on. I heard the changer going through its reseting stage(6 times for 6 slots). Once it was complete, the screen actually showed the which slots had CD's!

    I ejected them one by one. WHEW!!!!

    If the CD is jammed inside. I use another cd and kind of agitate it a bit that usually works. If it doesn't and its really jammed, I actually place glue on one side of another cd, slide it on top of the jammed one, a little more than half way waited a day for it to dry completely then pulled it out. Have to make sure you don't get any in the system or you'll ruin it. I just took a chance and it worked!!! Hope this helps!

    My stereo has always given my problems. It's just trial and error to get this thing to work! I still love my car!!!! :D