Mach 460 Complete Upgrade/replace Suggestions

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  1. I own a 2001 GT and I have battled with the stock Mach system for years. I've replaced 4 amps now and would like to replace the whole system including the tweeters. The only thing that is not stock is the head unit which is a Pioneer FH-X500UI wired up with the Metra harness.

    My budget for the rest is around $500 - $700 and I would like something that sounds a lil better but at least as good as the stock setup, with a little more low end. I am thinking of using an 8" or 10" sub for space reasons.

    Any suggestions on speakers, amp and subs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. With your budget in mind, I would probably take a look at some nice, used, old school stuff. I would probably go with a 6.5" component set up front, a 10" sub, and appropriate amp/amps. You can usually find some good stuff on the Bay or if you are on Facebook, there's a great Old School Audio group on there with people that know their stuff and also have a "for sale" page.

    Some brands of old school stuff I would consider would be Linear Power, Hifonics, Rockford Fosgate, Kicker, just to name a few.

    I will be happy to make as specific suggestions as you would like. However, I try not to unless someone really wants it because it can often be very subjective.
  3. Thanks for the reply! Is the old school route more because of low budget or is the older stuff superior? Specific suggestions would be great, as long as the quality will be at least up to par with the Mach 460. Would I be able to get some tweeters that will fit if I go the old school route?
  4. Sure, you are welcome. Well, its for budget, but in many cases, yes, the old school stuff is superior to quite a bit of the new stuff that is out today. There is, of course, some new stuff out that is good too, but it's not as common, you have to know specifically what to stay away from, and it can get pricey in a hurry.

    I'm a Linear Power guy. Their new stuff is outstanding, maybe the best in the business, but not within your budget. The good news is their old stuff is VERY good, extremely reliable, and you could certainly find some in your budget. For example, a LP952, which is 47.5 watts by 2 channels, can usually be had for around $150-$200. Don't let that power figure fool you. I've used one to drive a robust 6.5" component set and it did so very well. (In most cases, the figures you see on today's amps of 1000W, 5000W, etc. are way overrated, and even if not, are not rated by the same specs as the quality old stuff was) The old Linear's can still be worked on and fixed today, and in most cases, can be modded to provide even more sound quality. I am fortunate enough to be friends with the people that own the company, and can certainly vouch for their quality and integrity.

    If Linear is not what you would like, there is still some very nice old school stuff to be had. I would look at the Hifonics VII or VIII series, PPI Art series, or Rockford Fosgate Punch 45, 75, and/or 150.

    As far as speakers go, there is certainly some current stuff out today that is pretty good quality. For starters you could check out Crutchfield online and see what they have to offer. You are not going to get rock bottom prices there, but their service and tech support is very good. I've done business with them for 20 years and have never had a problem. Some of the Infinity component sets are pretty good and won't break the bank. Focal is loved by many, although I have never used them. However, they get up there in price rather quickly.

    An old school company that's still making speakers today is Image Dynamics. You can find them on the web. They had a rep back in the day of making a high quality product. I'm not sure how their products today compare, but I do know they are still around.

    Whether it's old school or new, I believe most of the 3/4" or 1" tweeters should fit in the stock 460 locations. I used to have a '94 vert with the 460 system and if I remember correctly there's quite a bit of space there.

    Please let me know if I can help any further.
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