Mach 460 readout "Bad" on display?

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  1. hey guys and mach 460 recently stopped working and the only thing it does is say "BAD" on the display, then a few weeks after doing that it stopped saying anything or coming on at all. Is this the head unit? Is there any self fix? I already have another system to go in it but don't have the time to install everything right now.
  2. Hi Everyone,

    I just had the word 'bad' come up on my mach 460 display....stereo doesn't work now either. Any way to fix this??

  3. I'd say just replace it with a nice aftermarket head unit. You will have to buy a converter for it though (about $40) Scosche makes one, you can find all the stuff at Crutchfield.
    Read this thread.
  4. maybe you both have michael jackson CDs stuck in your player :rlaugh:
  5. The factory mach 460 sounds pretty good for a stock system. I'd rather not spend hundreds of dollars replacing it if I don't have to. Especially if there's an easy fix.

    Anyone else?
  6. You have 3 choices....

    1) Send it in for repairs - lots of places do it. It will cost you $.

    2) Buy a used factory replacement - search on EBay - it will cost you $.

    3) Buy a new factory replacement from your dealer. It will cost you $$$.

    3) Buy an aftermarket headunit - it will cost you $$.

    I'd look on Ebay myself.
  7. Fixed the problem. :)

    I found a thread on Corral about the same thing. The guy said to disconnect the power and it resets itself. I disconnected the battery for a couple of minutes, reconnected it and checked the radio. It worked!! :)
    Kind of like rebooting a computer. Weird.