mach 460 removal

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  1. i was wanting to remove my mach 460 system and upgrade to better speakers...the front speakers shouldnt be that hard to swap, but today i was looking at the rear 6x8's and the amp rack and i wasnt quite sure how to uninstall it. if anybody could help me out w/ how to remove the amp rack, im sure the speakers themselves wont be hard at all to remove. and also, how much do used mach 460 system sell for?
  2. Lay on your back in the trunk and look for the bolts holding the amp rack up. For the rear speakers you gotta take that back dash out under the window, it just pops out and then you can take the speakers out.

    Have fun! I rewired the whole car when i dumped my mach system....
  3. I pulled the 4 bolts and it still dont come offf...just wiggles...what do I have to do get rough with
    I want to remove the radio too and put another in but keep the 4 front do I do that..the new radio will be powered...Is there a harness?
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  4. you gotta re-wire the whole system starting from the new radio. Run new wires from each speaker output of the radio to each speaker.....the car harness wont work since it wires into the amps that u are removing....

    i dont remember how many bolts hold the rack up. Is there one in the middle? Go through and double check and make sure you get them all, once all the bolts are out, mind dropped on my chest lol :rolleyes: Its hard to see up in the holes so get a flash light to help.

    Good luck!
  5. Could you just replace/upgrade the rear speakers if you plan to keep the two amps already installed in the Mach 460 system? I have already installed a new receiver (Pioneer FH-P8000BT) with the harnesses and it works wonderfully. If I decide to upgrade to some different speakers in the rear (same side... would just be swapping the stock out for some new ones), couldn't I just pull out the two original ones that came in the Mach 460 system and connect the two new ones?
  6. The problem is, if you keep the amps, they are internally crossed over. If you put aftermarket components in, they have their own crossover that needs full range input and hooking them directly to the factory wiring without their cross over could damage them.
  7. Would you be interested in selling the wiring harness? I've got a 03 that i'm putting together (salvage car) and i'm missing the harness for the amps/speakers.
  8. That would make sense. So if I would get new rear speakers it'd be best to remove the factory Mach amps as well. Would I have to rewire from the receiver back to the rear speaker area as well?

    Thanks for the input 2BADSTANGS!
  9. is there a way to use the stock amps? i want to use them for the speakers and have an aftermarket amp just for my sub
  10. I used the factory's wiring, but rewired it to bypass the amps and feed my aftermarket crossovers/ speakers. Using the factory wiring is nice, 'cause it's allready run, however it can be a bit confusing if you are unfromilliar with how the system was wired from the factory.
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  11. Allright, when you say re-wire the whole car after removing the rear deck and two factory amps. With the new speakers. Giving theres already a aftermarket head unit hooked up. Can you just run the new speaker wire from thje head unit to the new speakers ?