Mach 1 Mach Exhaust Improvements

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  1. So what does everybody think about exhaust improvements on the Mach? I listened to a few different set-ups on, but wanted to hear your opinions before I spend the $. I liked the Borla Stinger with Magnaflow catalytic-X, but can't tell if the sound is what I am looking for. I want to deepen, but don't want to need earplugs. Also, when going through parts ordering, I am cool when I see the 4V designation... but when the only options are GT or Cobra, which way do I go???

    Thanks for the help everybody.

    The BEE

    2004 Shadow Gray Mach 1
    2002 True Blue S-281 w/tan vert
  2. I assume when you say improvements, you're talking about sound and not necessarily performance. When it comes to performance, Ford did a pretty damn good job with the Mach 1's exhaust system. I've seen several instances where people have actually hurt the performance by replacing either the cat-back or the mid-pipe on the Mach 1. As far as which item to choose when the only options are GT or Cobra, pick the GT.
  3. GT catback and mach our could get away with the packs...deep loud but not annoying
  4. I gained 15 hp and 28lbs of torque with just a non-catted BBK X-pipe. Major seat of the pants change! Sounds exotic too. I only made 5rwhp and 7rwtq with just a Magnaflow cat back. If you change your X-pipe, go with the non catted since you won't need to smog it for four years. Just swap in the stock one when you smog it! :nice:
  5. Thanks Everybody

    Still scratching my head, but the magnflow X may do the trick. I will keep you posted.

    The Bee

    2004 Shadow Gray Mach 1
    2002 True Blue S-281 #382 (tan vert)
  6. Well I learned one thing. If you put 2 1/4" Flowmasters in front of the stock Mach 1 2 1/4" tailpipes, you will get terrable droning at 2000 rpms.

    Then I put on 2 1/2" Flowmasters with 2 1/2" Magnaflow tailpipes and the drone is way less. Dont know why but I like it now. :D
  7. I put a Magnapack cat back on my Mach. VERY happy with it. Fit great, nice quality, and it sounds like a Mach1 SHOULD sound! :D The packs are a little on the loud side, (quite a bit louder than stock) but I was used to my GT that set off car alarms a half a block away. If you just want something a little louder than the stock pipes, go with the Magnaflow system. Still sounds very good, (my son has one) but not as loud as the packs. I haven't dyno'd the car, but the but-o-meter says, there's a noticeable increase in performance too.

  8. Hmmm, doesn't seem too loud. Can you say how much louder you think it is driving normally?

    How about at WOT?

    Is this the Borla system with the round straight through mufflers?

    What about the 2000 rpm drone, much different than stock?

    The stainless steel and rolled tips are the way I'd like to go, but I'm not looking for extremely loud....

    Sorry for so many questions, but I want to only do this once :)
  9. You can hear is much more than you can the stock system around town but on the highway in 5th it's almost stock quiet but stand on it and it comes alive.

    The 2000 drone is a little louder than stock but not annoying at all...

    The tips are rolled like stock but a little bigger. Like I said at idle and cruising on the highway it is very quiet but get on it and it is much louder than stock..
  10. Way to go Borla!

    They look great and sound great. Where did you get them, and did you install yourself?


    The Bee
  11. I got them from ask for Bill

    I installed them myself with just a floor jack in a hour and a half....
  12. MAC ProChamber H-Pipe and Cat-Backs

    I am extremely happy with my MAC exhaust setup. I definitely picked up some horsepower, but I'm not sure how much exactly. And when it comes to looks, the fat chromed tail pipes are just beautiful.

    Here's what my exhaust system sounds like:

  13. Anyone have an SLP Cat-Back on their Mach 1???? I was wondering how they sound/feel.

  14. I have only heard the sound clips of them on the net and it wasn't the sound I was looking for (deep rumble) so I went with the borla kit but people that have them on their machs seem to be very happy with them...
  15. Bassani Catted X-pipe & MagnaFlow catback!

    I have installed the Bassani Stainless Catted X-pipe and Magnaflow (not packs) catback exhaust. I absolutely love this setup. It sounds close to stock while idleing, but when you you get on this baby she roars like a lion. Also there is absolutely no drone in the car at any speed.

    On March 6 here in Atlanta, we had the first SouthEast Mach1 Meet at Team Ford in Marietta, GA. There we were able to dyno our Mach's. The stock Mach1's with the auto's averaged 255hp 285lb/ft at the rear wheels.
    The stock 5 speeds averaged 265hp 290lb/ft at the rear wheels. A drop in K&N filter was good for 6hp & 2 lb/ft at the wheels for both the auto's and the 5 speeds.
    At the time I dynoed mine I had the following mods:
    K&N Performance Gold Oil Filter
    Mobile1 0W/20 Synthetic
    K&N Drop in Air filter
    MagnaFlow Stainless Catback
    my dyno numbers were: 292Hp 317lb/ft at the rear wheels.
    I would have to say that the catback was well worth the money. I plan on dynoing it again soon. I estimate that the Xpipe was good for about 15 more hp. I will post the results as soon as I have them.

  16. Damn only 265 average for a stock mach1????? That seems a little low compared to all the other stock mach's dyno on the registry....
  17. Yea, usually you see and average of 280-RWHP 300-RWTQ
  18. Well most of the stock ones had low miles. (about 2500 avg) These motors haven't had enough time to loosen up a little. We did have a stock 5 speed with 7400miles and a K&N drop in filter pull a 284hp 301lb/ft run.

    If you figure in a 15% parasitic loss through the drive train it equals approximately 304.75hp & 333.5lb/ft. Which is right on with Ford's flywheel #'s. Also different atmosphere conditions and altitudes affect the results.

    By the way all of these were SAE ratings.

    And my Mach only had 3100 miles on her when I made these runs.
  19. Actualy, when you figure parasitic loss, you have to subtract 15% from your flywheel horsepower, becuse you are lossing this amount through the transmission. Some people make the mistake of just taking the rear wheel horsepower and adding 15% which is wrong. For example, 320 flywheel horsepower minus 15% equals 272 rear wheel horsepower.
    While some mach's are dynoing at 265, some are dynoing at 281-282. the majority seem to dyno around 272 which equals 320 flywheel horsepower, same as the 01 cobras. Some of this difference can be attributed to a variance of + or - 5 horsepower from dyno to dyno. Some variance can also be attributed to the temperature of the engine and engine oil. It is not unusual to see someone make three pulls on the dyno back to back and have three different numbers. Usually the second or third is best because the oil is good and warm, therefore thinner. But if the engine itself starts getting to hot it will lower the numbers due to heating the incoming air.
    Also, tire pressure can make a difference. Just like for drag racing you want to increase the front tire pressure to decrease rolling resistance, a low tire pressure on the dyno can affect results by increasing rolling resistance.
    But anyway, 320 flywheel horsepower seems to be the general concensus.