Mach 1 Mach Exhaust Improvements

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by GTBEE, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. HUH???? I'm not following you on this one??? Low front tire pressure affects HP on a rear wheel dyno???
  2. Actually, the simplest formula to figure flywheel horsepower off of a chassis dyno for a 5-speed car assuming a 15% loss is: RWHP /.85 = FWHP
  3. OK I guess I worded it wrong. I meant rear wheel pressure affects the dyno. Front wheel preessure affects rolling resistance in the quarter.
  4. You're right TR03Mach1. Only one calculation this way, I guess I was thinking of doing it in my head. It's easy for me to figure out 15% of say 320 (48) and subtract that from 320 as opposed to dividing 272 by .85 in my head, but then again I may not be the smartest apple on the tree lol..
  5. I was also there on March 6th. I thought the 5spd were averaging about 271 rwhp bone stock, but I wasn't keeping that close of tabs on things. Don't be shocked if you actually drop a couple points on the dyno with the O/R X pipe. Many people have for some reason. I guess the Mach likes at least a little back pressure.
  6. I have a set of the Flows welded into my stock cat-back with 3 1/2 inch tips. Sounds really good, no drone. I just ordered the Prochamber today...if anybody wants the Prochamber Nino Sport is offering it Jet-Hot coated, and at a good price for the first 5 orders!!! I can't wait to get mine.
  7. Hey where are you at in Naperville?? Just wondering b/c I have not seen another mach on the street in our area. I live in South Naperville and work at Washington and Diehl. I think it would be cool to pass another mach on the street!
  8. I live off of Eola and N. Aurora Rd. I live on the border of Naperville and Aurora. I don't drive the Mach much during the week, I have an every day car, but if it's nice on the weekends I'll take it out. I've had it 2 months now and it only has 830 miles on it.

    EDIT: I work off of Diehl too....this summer I'm sure you'll see me.
  9. Yeah that's not too far from me. Unfortunately mine's my daily driver so it's always on the road :( I am so jealous though...mine already has 15,000 miles on it and I've had it since Feb 03. Well mine is an 03Azure blue so I will be sure to wave if I see ya out and about! I am sure I will run into you one of these days!
  10. Oh I just noticed you work off of Diehl. Where about?
  11. About 2 seconds from you....I work off of Diehl and Mill. I work off of Shuman Blvd. were all those office buildings are.
  12. Oh that's funny. Yeah I am 40 Shuman blvd. Small world, huh? lol. So yeah I drive home that way so I am sure I'll see you this summer if you ever bring your mach to work. You'll see my mach parked waaaay out there in the parking
  13. Same here...mine gets the back 4 spots...I park a little sideways. I'm sure I'll see you sometime this summer!!
  14. Yeah the people here get all mad when I take up two spots...whatever though! I'm sure I'll see ya around!
  15. I just wanted to get a good idea for price shopping- What have you all been charged for installation of your new exhaust. I'm looking to get a Magnapack exhaust (about $600) and wanted to know what it would cost to have it installed????
  16. free did it all my self. Not really that hard.