Mach 1 Mach questions for you..

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by EXTRPR50, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Hey, Im interested in getting a Mach. I have been thinking all Terminator, but the Mach appearance is creeping in on me. Its also less expensive, which always helps:nice: .
    How does the Mach compare to GTO's? Im only talking about track use here. If anyone has raced an LS1 OR LS2, Goat, Id like to know.
    Does the sct tuner type tunes help out a lot on these cars?
    And what is the compression on these cars, in case I want to supercharge later?
    Thanx alot.
  2. With my basic bolt-ons (Catback, midpipe, CAI) I gained 13RWHP @ 12RWTQ with my Diablo tuner on a Mustang dyno. The compression is 10.1:1.
  3. Thanx for the info. Where can I get other good info on Mach's?
  4. Go to . More info. than you could ever imagine there. A great Mach site.

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    Ive ran both LS1 and LS2 GTO's at the track. The LS1 ran a 14.5 and the LS2 ran a 13.9. My 03 mach (5spd) with a JLT RAI and a pypes O/R Xpipe ran a 13.4.
  6. i ran a 13.10 with my mach mods exept dot slicks for the track....most gto's i have seen with average drivers run low to mid 14's, a coupld of guys ran high 13's, and there was 2 one time with slicks, and alot of **** done to them that were running like 12.6 12.7ish.
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    Thats an awesome time!

    I need slicks! my runs were on a street tire.