Mach Radio on its way out!

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  1. My stock head unit is starting to take a dump. When I try to turn the volume down it jumps up by as much as 6 bars... (its been doing that for over 2 years). Now it was acting like it wasnt going to spit my cd's out yesterday. So, I think I may be purchasing a new head unit in the very near future. I cant decide whether or not I want to stick with a double din unit or go with a single din. I want something with bluetooth and hd radio. I am very tempted to get a touch screen dvd/cd pioneer unit, but they are so expensive! I am not going to do anything else to the stereo system, just swap head units. Any suggestions?
  2. Get your CDs out of the head unit while you still can. haha
    I have never seen the point in a dvd unit with a screen and such. You just need it to play music, right?
    You'll probably want to buy something with the connectivity that is most useful to you. If all your music is on an i-pad or phone, then buy a player that connects to this device with easy. If you use USBs, get something with a USB, ect ect.
    Also, be aware that you'll need a level reducer to do the install properly. The line output of the new head unit will be too high, so you won't have much volume control. The level reducer is usually adjustable and will help reduce the volume to a usable level. This is because of the unique setup of the Mach 460 system, and that it has amps after the head unit.
  3. I had one of the Kenwood touchscreen units for a while...they're pretty nice. It had the navigation built in, bluetooth, USB, etc. At the time, it cost my $1200 from Crutchfield...that was back in '09. I see their newer models that are similarly equipped are a few hundred bucks cheaper now, right around $800-900 if you don't get the Excelon line.

    But, since that got stolen out of my ride last year, I've now got a single-DIN Kenwood Excelon with Bluetooth and USB. Has capability for HD radio if I were to buy the adapter. It was $200 at the time, probably a little cheaper now.

    Dunno about that level reducer...I never had one when I installed these head units; just got the correct wiring harness and plugged it into the existing setup. I do have the Mach 460 system in my GT.
  4. I found without the line level reducer, the volume control is poor. It would get extremely loud by a volume of 6 or 7, which means there aren't a lot of settings in the middle for a nice listening volume. Sure, it works without, but the resolution of the volume control is poor.
  5. I think the level control is needed for cars up to 99. My 02 uses the speaker line outputs for the mid/tweeters, and the subwoofer rca's for the woofers and the subs (mach 1000).

    You will however need to make sure that whatever head unit you purchase has high and low pass filters. Without them, it will sound like complete :poo:.

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  6. That could be. I know my 97 needed them, so I assumed the later mach 460 systems were the same.
    It's been a long time since I played with the stereo though. Now, every bit of the mach 460 system is gone. :D In its place, I have boston acoustics speakers, alpine amps, a single 10" alpine sub and monster wire connecting everything together. I've sure enjoyed the system over the years. :)
  7. yeah, im stuck... i have installed countless stereo's but i have heard SO many horror stories about the mach system that I am considering taking it to bestbuy. I am probably not going to buy a touchscreen / dvd. I am leaning more towards a single din pioneer (DEH-P9400BH) unit instead. Crutchfield includes the wiring harnesses and such, so I may do it myself... I dunno.
  8. Dude, its easy as hell. Trust me, don't pay BB.
  9. like i said, i have installed / helped to install roughly 15 car stereo's between my cars and my friends. im not 'scared' to do the install myself. i think that paying bestbuy to do a normal car stereo installation is a giant waste of money. i have read on countless forums that the best policy is to redo the entire system when it comes to the way the Mach stereo is setup. what i dont want is to do the install myself and have problems with the amps and stuff like that.
  10. swapping a Mach head unit isn't any more complicated than swapping any other head unit...just get the kit from Crutchfield or whoever

    and sure, it may be "best" to pull the whole thing, but remember it is easy for the Interwebz Experts to suggest most expensive solution....'cause it's not their money ;)
  11. i just pulled the trigger on the Pioneer DEH-X8500BH from Crutchfield. It has the required harness and installation gear. I also got the ipod cable to go along with it. I wish their heat-shrink wasnt so expensive. It looks like im going to be making a trip to radio shack. I think while im there, I am going to pick up some bass blockers to put on the door tweeters. Better safe than sorry i guess. Does the screens on he tweeters just pop off? I havent even looked at it yet.
  12. The screens come off and there is a screw or bolt behind it so the whole thing can come off. If the new headunit has high pass filters, you wont need the bass blockers. Turn the high pass on for the front and rear channels. The subwoofer channel needs the low pass turned on so you dont get vocals out of the woofers.
  13. installed. sounds pretty good, but i still have a TON of adjustments to make with it. I set the high pass filter to 100 hz and the subwoofer is turned WAY down. The bass from the head unit hits too hard for the mach speakers. I also reversed the subwoofer which took the thumping down a notch. im sure i will get it right in time, but for now I prefer the sound of the mach head unit. maybe after some more tweaking i will get it where i want it.
  14. I read this fix on another blog and it worked.

    My 2004 Mustang GT was doing the same thing but worst. I pulled system and took it apart down to the circuit board screws. It was only taken apart enough to get access to the circuit board that has the volume stem. I blew out the now taken apart deck with 90 to 100 PSI air for good measure becuase it is already taken apart. To fix the volume problem squirt the volume stem with electrical terminal cleaner and blow it out extra good. Now put it back together, cross fingers, turn on, problem fixed. It seems dirt or dust gets in there and screws up the volume process.
  15. I went with a double-DIN Kenwood unit. It has built-in amps for the mid/tweeters, and preamp outs for the sub amps in the back. It also has adjustable filters so that one can balance the two sets of outputs (speaker vs line).