Mach 1 mach upgrade questions

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  1. so i sold my 67 fastback, but now im ready to get something new. i wanted something with limited numbers so i looked at the 2000-2002 saleen sc but its running $23,000 on average. the mach 1 is $15,000 on average.
    my question is about h.p. with these mods where would i be at the motor.

    jlt cold air kit
    steeda underdrive pullies
    bassani "H" pipe
    slp cat backs
    accufab twin 60mm throttlebody
    meziere electric water pump
    mass air ?? on what size and brand
    headers ?? on brand
    sct dyno tune at hp performance

    this will cost around $2100
    these look like all of the mods that are available without a blower or getting into the motor. i already have a nitrous kit but a port and polish of the heads and intake will probably be the next move after these boltons. depending on cost vs. a blower.
    i know its a lot to ask but im trying to get all the info i can.
    thanks everyone
  2. My mach is currently near 300rwp with less than that. I would say forget the UD pullies, too much risk not enough reward, skip the mass air what you have should be fine, headers get longtubes - though you would have to change midpipes as well, the throttlebody is hit or miss too - I dont think mine gave me much if any hp/tq but it did make the gas pedal response feel much better.
  3. hmmmm.....interesting....
  4. Excluding the underdrive pullies (don't bother) and bigger mass air meter which is'nt needed, your looking at 320-325RWHP with the other mods you listed. About 360 flywheel horsepower.
  5. man i was hoping for over 400 at the motor. closer to 450 if possible. what would i need to get these numbers? is it possible without getting into the motor or a blower.
    also is 500 to 550 possible with a blower??
  6. Most guys on stock internals & a blower won't go over 10psi due to the fact it isn't made for it. 9-10psi at the wheels you looking at the 385-400 pending on timing and tune. At the motor maybe 460 to 450 thats on a 5 speed a slight drop on a auto. I guess what I need to say is if your theory is go or blow you can make those numbers with a blower but it won't hold it for long.
  7. would a port and polish on the intake and heads help much.
    or would i be better to wait longer and get an 03 cobra or a supercharged saleen. the mach 1 is $15,000 and the cobra and the saleen are $23,000 is the money difference worth it. even with a blower on the mach ill be around $22,000 and 450 at the motor. what will i spend to be at 450 on a cobra or saleen......
  9. ok , good point about the saleen. so the choices are cobra or mach 1.
    what do i need to get around 450 at the tires on the mach 1. i really like the look of the mach. a black one with 18" black wheels lowered 1.5" would look good.
    ive spent hrs on the net looking for pics and specs.
  10. If it's hp you want, then turbo is king. Dont buy the add on's. Just get the hair dryer and a tune.
  11. You could make 450 with a mach & a power adder no problem but you can't make that number on 10psi which is max on the stock bottom end maybe 12-14psi would put your numbers in the 450 range. First you will have to forged the bottom end in you car. Livernois has a kit for around 2k. If you don't plan to go over 450 at the ground which means at the motor your looking at 500-550 you will be fine with stock block. Then if you choose procharger you will be working the crap out of the P1SC that comes with the kit which will work the crap out of your crank. So uprade to the D1SC and it will have plenty of room to work with. Or go with the Hellion Turbo kit ( it comes with a 62mm and I think it can push up to 16psi so you should make good power plus it puts no strain on the crank when the car is at idel or at cruising speed like every sc you can put on a car will do. And a black mach with black 18's would look killer :D.
  12. im thinking all bolt ons then an sct tune, 360 at motor. then add a blower 460 to 500 at the motor. does this sound correct.
    01 cobra front bumper with the mach chin spoiler and the steeda rear wing.
  13. You'll be making that with just the blower and a good tune. You make around 390-405 at the wheels so at the motor it will be around 460-500 (those numbers are pending on psi 8 or 10 pounds). With a blower doesn't matter what style roots or centrifugal you need a good set of long tubes Kooks and SLP make a great sets. You can get a set of Mac's alot cheaper doesn't get the heat out as well though. Mass air upgrade should come with the kit. Jlt is pointless to buy if you go with procharger or vortech because the send new tubing all the way up to TB. If you go with roots style blower (Kenne Bell is the only one who makes a kit for the Mach) they send their cold air kit with it but a JLT is nicer than what they send and would still work with the KB. I wouldn't waste time on the underdrives you won't notice anything at your foot, at the track, or at the dyno. I don't know about the bumper but the wing would look sweet as long as you paint it flat black like the stripe.
  14. thats mach 1 it is, its going to be black or dark grey it just depends on what i get the best deal on.
  15. what about a supercharger from a 04 cobra. i would need the blower,lower intake,and the all of the fuel stuff. mass air and throttlebody. anything else????
  16. Heat exchanger, but really watch your boost because they can turn pretty high boost and your internals aren't forged.
  17. Eaton swap is good if you can get all the parts cheap, otherwise you'll spend as much on it as you would for a purpose built mach kit. To get around 400 you should be fine with single digit boost and stock internals and a good tune. More than that you'll want to get forged internal bits. As for the port and polish, you wont see much gain until you get boosted, then the PP heads and intake will help a lot.