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Jan 16, 2015
What should I do to determine where the coolant leak is? It is leaking coolant where the pictures show onto the sway bar usually then to the ground. I cannot see a leak in the back on the engine like where the heater hoses are. What should I do to troubleshoot this? This is NOT condensation like from the ac compressor. This is COOLANT (oily thicker than water and yellow color) that comes out whether I have had the ac on or not (I know the difference between water and coolant. This is COOLANT). I lose about a quart every time I drive my Mach1 2003 for 30 miles, not good! Thanks for any advice on what steps you would take to first determine the cause of the leak.

20200806_001149 (003).jpg
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Nov 18, 2011
Northeast USA
On my '04 GT, I had to replace the intake and all that coolant pipe underneath foolishness. I recall using some special adhesive to join the pipe in front and I had to JB Weld some corrosion'ed areas so the manifold would fit. My leak started when the pipe in the rear top of the manifold where the heater hose attaches blew out.
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