Mach1 cf hood & shaker


New Member
Jun 16, 2009
We started a project for a customer... he has a 03 Mach1. We started out making some cf interior parts such as radio bezel, dual pod gage bezel, shifter console. We also took on to making the mold tooling for a cf shaker scoop. My partner comes into the shop one day and says we are going to be making the cf Mach1 hood. One call to AMPperformance in Phoenix and we had an oem Mach hood delivered. To my surprise the hood also came with the plastic piece that attaches to the bottom of the hood for the shaker. Also to my surprise the oem hood weighs nearly 50lbs on the scale. That's heavier than most steel hoods. We should have the cf hoods made soon, and my estimate is the new hood will weigh 15lbs, and have steel hinge mounting plates molded into it. No changes will be made to the shape as nothing needs changing on a mach1 hood besides weight reduction, and those who want cf exposed weave as an option.
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