Made my own strut tower brace

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What color should I paint it?

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  1. Gloss Black

    11 vote(s)
  2. Metallic Silver

    4 vote(s)
  3. Rio Red to match the car

    12 vote(s)
  4. other (please post your color suggestion)

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  1. Hey guys,
    Some of you might remember me posting a thread a few months ago about needing some project ideas for a welding class I was taking. Well among other projects I did, I made a strut tower brace for my stang. :nice: I just finished it up today to the point of primering it and leveling out a few nicks and scratches with body filler. I wanna know your opinions on what color to paint it.

    Also, here's a pic (made of 1 1/4" (.095" wall) and 1" (.095" wall) seamless tubing and 3/16" Steel plate.)
  2. Looks good, I voted black
  3. I wish I could weld.. very handy skill to have, but I voted red to match.. the automobiles lookin sharp too
  4. got an engine bay pic? that might help
  5. good's an engine pic guys

  6. Your car is sweet.....i voted black
  7. How on earth do you keep that car so clean?
  8. know what im thinkin dude??.........i really really like that silver on your intake, and i assume you painted that cause the PS pulley and some brackets and **** are the same color.....i think that'd be sick.........either that5 or gloss black :nice:
  9. metallic silver or glossy black. Either would be bad would be too much IMO.
  10. i think you should just pick one at random. each color would look good.
  11. nice intake :nice: sorta looks like mine :banana:

    mines a lil dirty in the pic tho
  12. i'm the guy who picked actually looks really good....I did mine the other day when i did my new intake and pulleys and such
  13. thanks for the suggestions guys. I think I'm gonna pass on red, cuz I am havin a hard time getting a spray can of rio red, basically I can only get it to use with a spray gun...which I dont feel like messing with just for a STB. I think I'm gonna go out on a limb and paint it silver, then if I dont like it, primer it again and paint it black lol.
  14. It'll look something like this


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  15. Silver got my vote. Now, how about a close-up of those weld beads so we can see how good you got in class? ;)
  16. have it powdercoated.
  17. haha, I actually got pretty decent. I'll take some pics of the beads sometime tomorrow if I get a chance.

    Cobradave - I was originally gonna have it powdercoated, but I couldn't find a place that powdercoats single items like this around here. I'll paint it for now, and if I find a powdercoater someday, I'll strip it down and get it coated.