Madmike, You Are A Bad Influence And An Alabama Crazy @$$

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  1. @madmike1157 . Well, him and the boys from Gas Monkey Garage. I love how wild and funny they are, and their Fairmont drift car inspired me to buy my.... winter driver... today. Well actually I needed a little pick up for doing chores around the house, so I went out and picked up this clean example of a 1985 Ford Ranger. The carpet needs replaced, it needs exhaust work, but the body is straight as an arrow and the wheels, tires and brakes are all brand new.






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  2. Yes that is a factory tape deck that still works, along with all functioning gauges, lights and horn. Did I mention it is powered by a 351W, backed by a C6 auto and a 9" rear end? Oh yeah, it is. The engine bay needs cleaned up, some wires managed, but it fires right up, drives straight, and lights up the tires in first, second, and barks them into 3rd. First order of business is a cleaning and resealing the rear end and a leaking valve cover gasket, followed by new rear shocks. Then some not so leaky exhaust (on the cheap), and a T-5 swap if I can come across some deals for it. I may end up throwing a cam in it to give it a little more top end than it currently has, but that will be down the line. I want to give it some attitude, so I am deciding whether my stock '11 GT wheels are going on, the tribars from my '95 GT, or if Iwill order some 18" drift wheels from American Muscle with some fender flares. This is going to be my cheap-o project winter driver, so I will probably use some of the wheels I already have along with the widest tires I can possibly fit on them. Updates to come.


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  3. Ok, you had me going for a second. I was just about to hit caps lock and start typing, then I saw the 351 etc. Where/how did you find that gem?
  4. I was watching fast n loud (the fairmont episode, thinking of Mike's new potential build), and that car reminded me of the 80's rangers (like I said, I needed a truck). Hopped on just to see what was around me (thinking stock 4cyl, but I would still give it mustang wheels and a stance), and here this thing sits right here 5 miles away. It was the owner of a dealership's personal toy that he had had for 12 years, sitting in the back corner of his garage. He decided to sell it, and I just happened to stumble on it by chance. He is actually a big mustang guy, so we got along great and he hooked me up with a great deal. I really am going to give it the stance of the fast n loud fairmont, fyi!
  5. looks like it needs a full new exhaust. but man i love those old rangers. I wanna get a few of those tail gates and make a bed out of them.
  6. Nice flames, haha. Sounds like a beast, just gotta do something with that stance. I can't believe how clean it is.
  7. Bad influence, is better than no influence.

    Nice looking little truck.
  8. Mike-Mike-Mike-Mike-Mike.......bad influence Mike.
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  9. Hey Mike,

    What day is it?

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  10. Lol! ^ I have done some research, and I think I am going to splurge on 18X9 and 18X10 AMR Drift wheels from American Muscle. They will stick out flush with some fat fender flares I will be getting, and can also swap onto the Mustang if I ever take it to the road course (20's are heavy as :poo:). It is a very clean truck, so when it comes to stance and look I am not going to cut corners. As far as the exhaust, I am going to buy a Fox body off road H, and have an exhaust shop make it fit if it doesnt on its own. It already has dual flowmasters on it that arent rusty like everything else, so I am going to reuse those and put new tails on it exiting one side. Give me a few weeks boys, and this old girl will have some attitude.
  11. I couldnt believe it either since it has been a midwest truck its whole life. Did you notice the Calvin sticker on the back window? He asked that I do him a favor as Mustang guy to Mustang guy, and leave it on. I said no problem brother, I love haters.
  12. Nice little truck you got there!
  13. I like it! I've always been a fan of small trucks and I wouldn't mind having one of these!
  14. Sweet ride!
  15. Thanks guys, I am super pumped that I stumbled on it. Cant wait to get wheels and stance on it, but if I do it right away the wifey will freak out! Give it two or three weeks to sell a couple things on Ebay and pretend I made enough money to buy the new wheels and tires, and then they will be on there!
  16. Small update. I decided to save some dough and use my stock '11 wheels, and I think the color looks good with the flames. I had to get wheel spacers/adapters on the 9" rear to get the lug pattern right, and trim down the studs so the wheels would bolt up, but they are on and it rolls smooth. Got my brakes all painted too. Next up is a drop, as the wheels sit just tucked inside the fenders still, and the rear spacers actually lined up the rears with the fronts almost perfect. Only snapped one quick pic, and dont you guys go peepin in my kid's window.

  17. ^^^ sweet minivan! Pics of that next?

    J/k. Truck looks great with those wheels!
  18. Get back to us when it does this:

  19. I forgot how boxy the old Rangers are. Anyway, with the Mustang wheels it looks fantastic. Cool project.