Madmike, You Are A Bad Influence And An Alabama Crazy @$$

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  1. If by wine you mean Bud Light, then yes that could be a contributing factor. The other part is that my garage has been hovering around 15 degrees during this whole swap, so I am not exactly taking my time as much as I would be if it were summer. I have the shifter issue sorted out, and now only need a new output shaft seal on the tranny (original does not seal on my DS yoke and leaks), and the truck is done. I learned one thing during this swap, and that is that I am never going back to the trans shop I used for this. He is a really nice guy, but didnt know enough that I needed the two bolt starter to work with a windsor and charged me to swap cases, and installed the wrong output shaft seal and wants to charge me to swap them. I guess I assumed he runs a trans swap for a living and may have more knowledge about this stuff than I do, silly me.
  2. You can never assume anything when having a shop do hot rodding work for you. I learned this the hard way too, and now I will even give a shop an itemized list of exactly what I want done (though, anymore I do pretty much everything myself).
  3. Valid I guess. Cant assume anyone knows d ick about the business they own and operate anymore, or will take the time to look and be sure they get you the correct part before collecting your money. Its a very popular trans and only has a few case variations, and he acted like it was no big deal when I said I was going to mate it to a Windsor. Thats the only reason why I am discouraged.
  4. Firstly, by wine, I mean wine. Jesus didn't turn water into Budlight. By that, I was referring to a earlier reply from Noobz.

    I'll tell you one thing, if I stipulated that I had a 351 and asked for a 4r70w to fit it, and the guy gave me one that didn't work. He'd be rebuilding the trans w/ the right case out of his pocket, not charging me to swap cases.

    Not that it matters now, call that guy up and discuss your concerns. Ask for a refund on the case swap labor, or threaten to sue him.

    sounds to me like your the really nice guy here, and you're letting the other nice guy break it off in you.

    Give me his number, I'll call him and tell him what for.
  5. Well I dont plan to go back now this far after the fact, I just plan on never going there for any future needs. Every shop I try gets the first experience to do it right, or I form the opinion that they suck. I feel like if I ran any business, I would make damn sure a first time customer was happy and eager to come back again, or at least recommend me. If a shop doesnt listen, and just looks for the quick money for the short term, then screw that. On the flip side, I will brag up a place that does me right, such as the exhaust shop that knocked my side exit exhaust out of the park. Anyway, I came down with the flu last night and stayed home from work today. I managed to go get a new output shaft seal from a Ford dealer 30 miles away (again, the closer one put a bad taste in my mouth during a car buying experience). That will be installed tomorrow and I will take it for a wash and some pics.
  6. Wash? I thought you had the flu?

    More like Budlight flu.
  7. Brother, this old girl isnt treated the same as my mustang. It goes through the auto wash while I stay nice and warm inside the cab. When my wife gets home and takes over the kiddos, I am swapping that output shaft seal and rolling to the auto wash assuming my new seal is correct.
  8. And the fun continues. Apparently the yoke originally being used for the C6 was a 31 spine with a 1.4" outer diameter. The seal on the 4R70W is 1.6" inside diameter, and the 4R70W uses a 28 spline output shaft. When I had my drive shaft shortened and yoke changed to the 28 spline, the guy found a yoke with the same 1.4" outside diameter as the original, which is why my seal wont seal now. Is there a seal to accommodate that 1.4" yoke??? Nope, sure isnt. Best part is I figure all this out too late in the day to go to the shop to get a different yoke. One of these days I will finish this swap. And since I havent posted a pic in forever, here is what I am up against:

  9. It'd be cool if you could find a smooth metal sleeve to press over the yoke to take up the space you need
  10. I found the correct yoke online showing a 1.59" diameter, but I am going to hold out that the power train shop I used will let me swap their first yoke for the correct one. This shop is HUGE and really well known in the area, so I dont think they will f uck me like the little tranny shop I used. I have the part number to take to them for the correct yoke, so at least I know I am asking for the right part and eliminating the chance of someone else screwing it up for me. Here is hoping I button this thing up Monday night. :doh:
  11. Test the new yoke out with the correct seal before buying it just in case. And testing it shouldn't be an issue. All they have to do is tear open a kit and pull the seal out lol
  12. Woo hoo! The missing link comes together!


    I did a test drive on my heavy duty jack stands last night with the floor jack supporting the rear axle up at ride height. She runs smooth, shifts smooth, and no more rear seal leak. I need to put some loom over some wiring, and then get her down off the stands and go for a real test drive. That will be this weekend though, cause my wife works late the rest of the week and my boys arent old enough to be in the cold garage yet. Then once our warm weather hits (tentatively April 7th according to suspension and fender modifications will begin. I promise to actually take pics of that work though, as it will be fun stuff instead of cold hard misery.
  13. Whoop di doo!!!
  14. I tell you what, for as simple as this seemed like it was going to be, all the little issues I had to work out caused it to drag on to the point of zero enjoyment. It felt like a chore to go out and continue work on it. I am glad to be finished with this project and Im looking forward to my future mods in warmer weather!
  15. Lately I have been hijacking the Gila Monster thread too much with my truck crap (to remind Mike how he being a bad influence has hindered my life). Well in that thread a spoke of my flex fan meeting my radiator during my maiden voyage with my new trans. Here is the carnage, excuse the steamy pic:


    New radiator and fan going into the truck tomorrow:


    If the 12"inch fan isnt enough to keep her cool, I will put a pusher on the front. Being that it is a very mild 351, I think I will be ok with a 3 core aluminum radiator and the 12" fan. Then again, the truck always seems to want more of something!
  16. The saga continues. I had to remove the fan and mount it off to the left side due to clearance with water pump pulley. The old radiator was a 3 core, but this had a slightly different mounting point so it gave me less to work with.



    With this less clearance came my zip tie chain to keep the upper hose off the alternator pulley until I relocate the alternator with a tweak to the bracket (one project at a time).


    And lastly I decided what is a hot rod without a panel of toggle switches to operate your fuel pump, rad fan, trans controller, and o/d over ride. So here we go.

  17. So does it run?

    Does it run good?

    Are you happy w/ it?
  18. Well, it runs, but not good. Cooling wise, it is great. That fan pulls more than enough air, and nothing seems to be touching on the test drive. On to the bad news, I plugged the controller into my laptop and installed the software for tweaking. All I changed was my tire diameter and rear axle gearing so that it would have the correct speed calculation, and now the thing says error and wont allow shifting out of first. I tried to go back and wipe it out, but to no avail. Now I get to call Kevin at Baumann tomorrow and see if he has any ideas. I read and followed the directions word for word, so I may just ship it to him to have him do the tune, and then plug it in and leave it alone to keep from f*cking it up any more. I am basically ready to just be done working on this truck for a while!
  19. Spoke with Kevin, and come to find out the 4R70W tune that came on the disc with the controller is in fact not the same tune he loaded on the controller for me to begin with. So when I used it as my base and changed the speedo settings, I needed to go back in and change up a couple things pertaining to my exact trans set up, retune my TPS sensor readings, and all is back to normal. When I get some free time Friday and this weekend I will be doing some test drives and adjusting my shift points, etc. A video will follow (with any bad karma break downs that may occur). And when the wifey gets back from Florida from her week long training session (so she tells me), I will be digging into the suspension and fender flaring. May or may not swap the Shelby wheels over to it depending on how big the fender flares end up looking.