Madmike, You Are A Bad Influence And An Alabama Crazy @$$

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  1. Soooo, you're waiting until the Mrs gets home to work on your car. I bet she adores you
  2. He has to,..other wise the kids would be hanging from the drapes.
  3. Bingo.
  4. So I have been playing little by little, and I finally have her tuned to my liking. Nice and low shifts at light throttle to save gasoline (as much as a 351W will allow), and 5,100 rpm firm shift points at full throttle to save my who knows how old of a engine from ending itself. Here is a quick vid I made, and this is with the Mustang's stock 19" wheels and Pirelli rubber. Yes the speedo is accurate, this puppy is fun.

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  5. PS, now that the swap is done, @madmike1157 , you may not be a that bad of an influence. That overdrive is pretty awesome for lugging around town at 1500 rpms, and running 2100 at 70 mph on the highway.
  6. See. Now you can use the thread tool button that's located at the upper right of your thread to change the title too.

    I'm thinkin.....Madmike, You are a bad moutherfuc***.
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  7. Fixed.
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  8. Love the new title...
  9. I didnt even know how to edit a title until he explained it. His bad.
  10. Got a few little things done today. The 6X9's I had in boxes behind the seat kept the seat from going all the way back and made me feel cramped. I decided to cut big holes in the doors and mount them there. While I was at it I dynamatted both doors just to keep them nice and solid with the speakers in them. Yes, the speaker grills kept the window crank from being able to rotate, which is why I cut them a bit to make them work. The speakers would not fit any other way without interfering with the window and/or cranking mechanism. I also ran the trans controller harness into the dash and mounted it where the ash tray was. Now its easily visible and accessible. Keep in mind this is my hot rod/work truck/winter driver, so I am not trying to make it look like a show truck. Just making it perform the way I want it to as I go.



  11. I was allowed some garage time today being Father's Day and all. I got my rear axle flip done, and installed new matching shocks. I keep forgetting nothing on this truck is stock, so my 9" rear end does not have the same axle tube diameter as the 7.5" that was OE in this thing. But it still works, none the less. Next up will be the "dream beams" up front, and this puppy will be low enough. Depending on the look at that point, I plan to cut the fenders open more and install my 2008 F150 fender trim. The rear bumper is off while I trim it up to look slimmer and fit closer to the truck body.




  12. It's too low in back.
    That is a good looking truck.
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  13. It's doing a wheelie sitting still.

    Digging the NASCAR exhaust. You like Fast N Loud, have the exhaust come out the fender and put a something around it. That's what Aaron would do.
  14. I was going to do that, but the frame is in the way, and Im not getting that jiggy wit it. My new plan is to say F the rear bumper as its 60 lbs anyway (better donuts with less weight on the rear), and there is a nice little spot to run dual centered tips out the back. Ive always dug that look, and I like the sound better with full length exhaust. This thing is quickly becoming a true hot rod as I just modify to my taste using what I have laying around. Forgot to post my overflow bottle. Its glass, so no worries of melting. (I know I need loom on the wires, Im getting there)

  15. That's awesome, where did you find a glass Listerine bottle?
  16. He lives in Iowa. They still have milk men that deliver their milk in glass qt bottles for Christ' sake. Iowegians have a thing about their glass.
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  17. Contrary to Mike's belief, I found it on Ebay and thought it would be fun to use. And contrary to my own thinking, my axle flip "U brackets" not being long enough to touch the mounts on the axle already allowed the axle to rotate on my first test drive. So I get to get back under there and correct it with a more permanent fix. On the bright side, I cut off the inner lip of the fender so I have no tire sidewall rubbing while I get around to finishing the suspension. I hope this weekend to get to the front, and maybe cutting the fenders to install the F150 trim pieces. After that I will be fabbing a console to fit around my shifter, and then the old girl will be somewhat "completed" outside of little piddly stuff I do out of boredom.
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  18. Ok, got more time in the garage today. Other than needing to modify the I beams to not give me such negative camber, the b*tch is back together. I bought a set of axle flip brackets that fit my 9" rear end, and allow me to set my pinion angle, and now it is back together correctly with new matching shocks for the lowered height.

    New brackets, right after I set the pinion angle, but hadnt tightened the U bolts.


    Then everything all snug.


    I had to cut everything off the front, as it was fused together from 1985...



    With the new shocks and I beams bolted in.


    I didnt take any pics of the fun I had installing new ball joints, but here was the fun of torching the sh*t out of my tie rod ends to get them loose and able to get my toe back in check. For now, they dont make noise so they arent being replaced.


    Side project for giggles... I put in a 160* thermostat to get the temp to stay around 190* during summer driving. It still sits around 200*, so why not cut some heat extractor vents in the hood. (Hey @madmike1157 , I finished this one this time) I might go back and rivet on some small pieces in front of the vents to create lift over them, but for now we will see it helps at all as is.


    And my next project (after fixing the camber) is to cut the fenders open to the size of the F150 fender trim I bought, which will allow the truck to turn/handle at this height without rubbing issues. But here she sits as is, able to turn the steering wheel one turn in each direction before rubbing.


    She is starting to look a little more like the hot rod I pictured when I bought it.
  19. Looks like a hot rod too. I like it.
  20. I am glad you had no fuel leaks while torching stuff!

    To see which way the air flows through the vents, do what the old salt racers did. Tape some pieces of yarn on or near the vent to SEE the airflow. My guess is it may vent at low speed and then use the windshield pressure at speed. The strings should tell.