Madspeed Is Selling His Car??

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  1. @madspeed I can't believe it... Scrolling through the Craigslist adds of today I ran across your mustang for sale! I just simply can't believe it. I know you have been working on the head gaskets for months now but I'm not sure I would give up so easily! Hang in there buddy don't give up on it just yet.

    Here is the listing:
  2. Excellent condition, come to the All Out Automotive stand the weekend at Maryland International Raceway to see it in person. Just ask for Nick!
  3. I bet that 6 gallon tank does great and just looking at it probably gets 90mpg so you are golden there.
  4. If you bring it you know I'll make a spot for it ;)
  5. I'll call this guy and let him know you have a reserved spot for him
  6. If I buy it, do I get a signature @madspeed one of a kind Mullet wig to wear while I drive it? I'll start growing a 'stache now to match it.
  7. that has bad ass potential !
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  8. come check it out in person at MIR :rolleyes:
  9. If I had not just bought the Fairmont it would be game on! I'm thinking large vinyl PBR stickers across the doors.
  10. Whatcha got against Keystone! Be smooth!
  11. Those stickers are already ordered for the Fairmont, along with a life size cut-out of Keith Stone.
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  12. What's with the porthole around my avatar? Lools like a big peep hole