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  1. I have a Granatelli Mass airflow, I bought it not to long ago from a guy who bought it and it was still in the box with the wrappings.

    Its tune for 24lbs injectors and cold air.

    Granatelli Motor Sports 75955024-01C - Granatelli Motor Sports Mass Airflow Sensors - Overview - almost 100% sure its this one, i didn't buy it from summit so i couldn't say for sure.

    And i have some Bosch 24lbs injectors too. I have had them on my car for less then 30 miles, bought them re-manufactured

    All this stuff is for my 94 Mustang GT
  2. 250 for both
  3. Will take 200 for the maf and injectors together

    new stuff added

    New Professional Products Throttle body 70mm, less then 50 miles. $90
    professional products Elbow adapter for throttle body - $40

    Cold air intake with k&n air filter - $40

    Stock fuel rail off my 94 GT make offer
  4. PM sent on elbow.
  5. MAF and Injectors sold.

    Here is a picture of the Throttle body and cold air intake. One of the pipes for the intake is not in the photo,

    will take 75 for the tb and cold air

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