MAF sensor on C&L

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  1. Ok, I am getting a C&L 73mm cal for 24# because i am doin a H/C/I swap with 24# injectors..

    My searching has dealt me no straight answer.. My car had idle issues and rich running before i started the swap. i had tuned every aspect from the IAC to to the timing.. You name it and I checked it or replaced it..


    Not once did I fool with the MAF as i figured it was stock.. Well when i dismantled the car i got to writing down part #'s for reference and the only one that didnt match up was the MAF sensor being a F1ZF, i think is for a fox?

    i beleive my 1995 5.0 came with F2ZF right?

    I hear people switch over to the fox MAF sensor and the Fox guys use the SN housings. But are the sensors compatible or is my issue with the fox F1ZF sensor??

    Do i need to get the right sensor for my year to put on my new C&L MAF??
  2. i'm pretty sure the sensors are the same.

    you might try clocking the maf to different orientations. if there are bends in the tubing before the maf, the location of the sensor can really change what the maf reports to the computer, because the air is not uniformly distributed as a result of the bend(s). if the sensor happens to be in the part of the flow where the density is high, then it reports more air than is really going past it and it will be rich. better yet though is to change it so that there are no bends in the tubing.

    i have some pics of what i did for that in this thread
  3. After hearing and reading about swapping mafs.. I just picked up a Pro-M/Granatelli 90 or 93MM MAF cal for 24#ers , its the kit from Pro-M, with the huge filter, adapter, wiring adapter and the rubber 4" to 3" adapter... Cheap cheap,:D

    I was going to do the same CAI setup you did.:nice: How is the PVC holding up? Where did you get the rubber adapter from the CAI tube to the TB???
  4. hey man, thanks. Thats what i needed...