Fuel Maf Wiring Is Dead - Is It Bad To Drive Without Maf?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by JenkinsBS, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. So as the title says, my MAF harness is not getting any power going to it, so it has been running in "limp" mode for a very long time. After I pulled codes a few days ago and got 66, and probed the red and black wire (pin to pin) and got no reading (car on, and just key on), same with the other 2 wires that send the signals, no reading at idle. (will be searching wiring on my weekend)

    So here comes the funky part which im curious about, and cannot find answers anywhere -

    I had the MAP/BAP open to atmosphere for that whole time, fuel consumption was horrible, couldnt get idle right, stuttered and stumbled, hanging idle -

    Then, decided sense the MAF was not picking up readings, I would reconnect my vaccum line from the intake to the BAP. I reset my base idle with it hooked up like this, reset TPS, all the good stuff, and now it idles steady, fuel consumption has gone down, no more stumbling and no more hanging idle.

    My question is how bad is this to do and drive on a daily basis? I do have an A9L ECU in the car because of the MAF conversion that was previously done (previous owner)
  2. You have been driving it for a while like that, so a while longer isn't going to do much damage....