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  1. I have a Summit MAF. Are they any good? Every one tells me that they suck that i should get a pro or a lighting MAF. How do u put ur MAF in the tuner. Man i wish i was smart on this ****:(
  2. Guero, might we assume you have some sort of aftermarket MAF at this point (given your 30's)? If so, it seems to me that you can just use your TwEECer to make what you have work............. The only reason to change the actual MAF would be if the size of the MAF itself was a bottleneck.

    FWIW, I haven't heard anything definite about the Summit MAF and who makes it.

    Good luck.
  3. yeah the Summit MAF is supposably calibrated for 30lbs inj. and a stock tune. So is there a chart for the MAF? if there is whats the name? I cant find anything that says MAF or something similar
  4. Wait i think i may answer my question. Its in the Functions right? I read my MAF was a Pro-m 30 copycat? how true is that? I pick a MAF then i just hit write Tweecer to save it right?? MAN i really need that WIDEBAND!!!!
  5. Well, if your MAF came with a sheet, you input those numbers into the MAF Transfer function.

    Otherwise, you gotta input from the ones saved with your files and read your KAMRF at part throttle and try to adjust from there...

    Or, get an 80mm LMAF and call it a day. They can be had very very cheap on Ebay. Most everyone wants the 90mm LMAF so the 80's aren't in demand.
    I got mine for like $50 shipped.
  6. The LMAF can be purchased for a meager $80. :eek:
    Look up '' I think

    I have not heard of any downside to the LMAF. :nice:
    I will be making the switch when the motor is rebuilt.

    So the Summit MAF did not come with a MAF Transfer sheet? :nono:

    Good Luck,
  7. I can call Summit and ask for it. So is the LAMF a wiser choice????? Would it result in rhe same hp?
  8. A factory MAF is going to be more accurate than damn near any aftermarket one...I have heard GREAT things about the SCT mafs.

    I am running a 98 mustang maf on my car. I have a post that compares the stock meters and some aftermarket ones with a maftransfer alittle further down the page. Its in here someplace if you want to see the curves and such.

    You want a maf that will fit the combo IMHO. A 90mm Lmaf might be alittle overkill...IE. you will prob. not use a whole lot of the upper end of the transfer. The 80mm will fit alittle better. However, the 98 maf I have is an 80mm and since there is no real demand I picked it up for like 45$ fwiw. With any 96+ maf your goin to need a pigtail as they use a "new" style plug-in.

    I have seen alot of people get confused with a maf that was "cald" for a inj. size with a tweecer only to go round and round to get it sorted out since we really dont need a maf to "fool" for an inj. size.
  9. **** my Maf is trhowing a code for low voltage. I have a brand new stock maf. So is that one better??? or should i go with a LAMF?
  10. I dont think it will hurt too much to run the stocker and return the summit one (if you can since it seems broke).

    Then keep an eye out for a 80-90mm LMAF when YOU find a good deal on one...not needing it ASAP since the stocker will work until you find one. That way you can get the MAFtransfer down and move on to getting more comfortable with the tweecer before doing the whole "diff. maf thing".
  11. ok. What would be the difference though between a stocker and a LMAF?
  12. the stocker is the factory maf you had before the summit one.

    The Lmaf is off a lightning.

    Both are "stock" but off setups that are way diff.

    The Lmaf will flow ALOT more than the mustang stock maf.
  13. Why is the LMAF a better choice than an aftermarket MAF?
  14. Why would it flow more?? cuz its bigger right? is that the only difference?
  15. Here is a link to the maf topic I the flow rates to one another. Given is the maftransfer, and the second post is the attachment that compares the maftransfers flow curve.

    The reason IMHO the factory mafs are better.

    1. The MAFtransfer is about perfect and easy to get as well as being already in the correct format for our eecs, 30pts.

    2. Ford has more money to develope and leverage on the quality of the electronics. What is 30million when they HAVE to work in tons of diff. conditions . Not that Pro-M or SCT have bad electronics (SCT from what I hear is DAMN good) they are the best aftermarket you will find IMHO.

    3. No issues with a "fooling" maf due to the way they "fool" the signal that can cause a load issue while tuning.

    Yes if flow's more as its bigger. The stock (for us anyway) gt maf is 70mm. For example putting both the small ends of my stock maf and my 98 gt maf the stock 94 maf compleatly fits inside the 98 both mafs smallest dia. opening.
  16. looks like it, I dont know what the part number is off the top of my head, but that is what they look like and what the title says.