maf's and hp/flow

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  1. attached a maftransfer graph comparing a few diff. stock meters.
  2. This is a great thread!

    I have nothing to add, except a suggestion.

    Can you add some info on the C&L 80mm?

    I think I have maxed out my 73mm and hope to surpass the listed hp of the 76mm fairly soon, so the 80mm is my next best solution.

  3. I didnt know C&L made a 80mm? I thought 76 was as large as they went?

    I hope to have the whole maftransfer in a doc. file to load like the graph, it will have the same maf's listed as the graph for now. I will add the Lmaf, 03maf, and I hope a few Pro-m's (thanks to starrman). I want to get some C&L stuff too, just want to get the stockers done first, then progress along in the next week or two to the non-factory ones.
  4. Are you pegging that 73mm maf at this time Jason?

    I thought you could just switch to a larger sample tube with the C&L.

  5. I have not been able to get any good datalogs on MAF flow yet. :bang:
    Spring in Seattle means the roads are always WET :bang:

    But, maybe I misinterpreted the first post :shrug:

    example: 73mm C&L 780kg/hr / 310hp N/A :eek:

    Does that mean that the flow limit of the 73mm tube is 310hp :shrug:

    If so, I would hope my 408w has that meter maxed out :nonono:

    ps - I wrote that in "Grady Format"; do you like it?
  6. The pcm can only take 4.9999 volts from the maf

    Well ... the scalar is default valued at somethng like 4.78 or there-abouts and you can use your Tweecer to bump up the value.

    If you are showing the max value before you reach max rpm you would be pegging the maf.

    Is not one of the benefits of using a C&L maf the ability to switch to a different sample tube thingie ... thus ... the meter would then be recaled :shrug:

    Never worked with a C&L but I do think that is basically how they work :)

  7. Grady,
    I think you understand the C&L calibrations better than I do :D
    I am pretty sure that is how things work.
    However, the stupid rain in Seattle is preventing me from making wot runs to redline, so I am not sure where my voltage is maxing out yet.

    My concern was the flow potential a 73mm tube.
    Is 780 kg/hr the most that can flow through this tube?
    If so, then there would be a hp limit of ~310 or so associated with that tube?
    There is a limit as to how much air I can pull through a straw, so is 780 kg/hr the limit for pulling air through a 73mm opening?
    This limit shouldn't be affected by shifting the scale of voltage vs airflow.

    signed a confused noobie,
  8. I would not make any bets on that :nono:

    After I tell you how I see all this maf stuff ... you, like other peeps who know me may say ... that guy peeps at life through a different keyhole than all the rest of us :scratch: but here are my thoughts never the less :shrug:

    You got volts and airflow (kg/hr) to work with. When working with the transfer curve, we mostly hose around with the flow values.

    Lets say you have a wb to confirm true af ratio and you got a new combo.

    You make a wot baseline run and see your too fat on the big end. You'll lower those flow values to lean things out. Just said that to show how those flow values can change btw :)

    As for the voltage values ............

    You can only work with 0 to 5. If you saw something close to 5 at max rpm from the baseline run, you know right off the bat, the maf is gonna need a recal. A + or - of 50 kg/hr ain't gonna change any of that :nono:

    Of course, anything close to 5 before max rpm would be a pegging the maf kinda thing :(

    Could be :shrug:

    Anytime I see stuff like that, I've always felt like that stuff is a guess or ball park figure.

    Could be :shrug:

    Anytime I see stuff like that, I've always felt like that stuff is a guess or ball park figure.

    Might be splitting hairs here but ...............

    I see it as changing airflow for a given voltage. If I understand your Q correctly ... we talked about that above, so the answer is ... No :)

    The whole X number of hp = X number of kg/hr thing is something I know can change based upon my limited experience is what I'm trying to say here.

    How I see it all is :D You use those formulas found on the C&L/ProM site as guide lines to pick a starting place OR baseline AND tweec to your liking :shrug:

    When talking about the C&L ...............

    The electronics stays the same but the tube changes.

    As I see it ... as the tube changes ... the transfer has to change.

    Anybody feel free to jump in here and get involved :banana: as I don't think I did too good of a job :nono: in my attempt to get across what I'm trying to say :rlaugh:

  9. I am putting examples not as a "MAX" or what hp you will have with given meter and airflow. Just a ballpark guess/example of what has been done with said over time I would like to add to the examples and I think things will regress to a norm of some kind.

    As far as what you guys are saying (my.02...well maybe .002), I would think the larger sample tube (the little part that gets changed, not the whole maf) would increase the flow or at least the "seen" flow if your doing that. However, I dont think it will take a car that peegs the maf at 4.89 at 4k rpm, to not peg as say 6,500rpm in a healthy setup.

    With that said, I dont think you will know for sure until you log and see what your combo needs. IF your running a 408 and 36-42# inj. with the correct sample tube it may be close as the sample tube will prob. be preaty large compared to the stockers. Again I think the best answer would be to set the commanded A/F alittle fat, and keep timing low and run a log/see what your MAF volts are.
  10. Finaly have the stock mafs up with the exception of the Lmaf.

    I have a 29pt transfer of a 80mm Pro-M running a rich cal. for 42's and blower. This maf was good for 450-ish rwhp. I hope to get it up along with the Lmaf soon. Thanks to starman for the 03 cobra and that soon to be up 80 ProM transfer.
  11. still need to add the LMAF, but have added another pro-m 80mm as well as a 29pt transfer for that.

    anyone have a aftermarket maftranfer and a hp number or track number feel free to hit me up or put it up to add to the list