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  1. Here is the latest on the install. The toughest part was removing a steel line from the coolant crossover tube and drifting in a brass plug. Other than that, it was just following the directions. I'm biased, but I think it looks awsome on the car....







    More to follow. Done for the night.

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  2. :nice:

    Looking good. Is it really so easy, or are you just making it look that way?
  3. One more; love the sticker on the side of the blower....


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  4. Where did you purchase the Magnacharger? :)
  5. Stillen..4499 on a one day sale last month. They were first rate to deal with.

  6. man, i used to work there...........i wonder if i can get a deal on these still:shrug:
  7. Done. The first start it did not even sputter. It fired right up no problems. I just got back from my second time out and it is basically the same car if you don't put your foot into it. When you get over about three grand on the!


    Basic mechanical skills and awsome instructions. Don't even hesitate, buy one; you will not regret it.


    Intercooler installed.


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  8. How long did it take to install with the intercooler and how is the throttle responce compared to the stock tune?
  9. I put about 12hrs into the actual work....I stared at it a little while along the way though. I drove it a couple of more times today and it is the exact same car as far as starting, idling, and below 3500 - 4000 rpm as long as you don't push the go pedal too hard. I bet I could take you for a ride and you would think it bone stock. With that said, I have never driven anything like it when you are pushing hard and it is any where near the 4k range. PULLS LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN!!! :D

    I did some base line runs with my GTECH meter BEFORE the installation and got right at 260hp as measured by the device. (Multiple runs and averaged.) The number seemed reasonable on a bone stock GT. I also got a 5.3 second 0 - 60 time, but I am sure I could have beat that with a little more practice and a little lower tire pressure. (Balancing smoking the tires and a good launch is tough!)

    I'll give it a couple more days of running then go do a comparison run to see what the difference is on the GTech meter.

  10. Looking over all the installation progress pictures...I had to share this one. At this point during the installation is where you really start to question yourself about what you have done to your car.....:eek:


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  11. hi im in the process of doing mine . im waiting for my exhaust manifolds to come back from jet hot and i dont want to put the super charger on just yet because i dont know if it will hit the firewall when i jack up the motor again to put the manifols back on .couple of ? 1 did you flash the computer before the install? 2 how is throttle response without the charge motion plates and new tune ?i have the intercooler part of it all installed .cars been up on jackstands for a week or so now so i figured i would get that done . looking at that polished supercharger on the bench is getting old real quick :D

  12. lookin good, keep us updated with some power numbers. thinking about the same upgade for our 05 GT
  13. To answer the questions

    1: The instruction set I have has an additional sheet in the front of the manual that states to install the calibration FIRST. Mine came with the SCT Xcalibrator 2. It only offers 1 tune to load and the procedure saves the stock tune before writing the new program.

    2: The throttle response does not seem to be any different or any more sensitive than the stock tune.

    A few comments....

    1. Do not install the supercharger if you have to raise the motor at all, it would hit the IAT sensor on the back of the intake and would not clear the heater core hoses going into the firewall.
    2. The other is during installation; that the IAT sensor wires do not have to be stripped all the way back to the rear of the motor to splice in the new IAT. The supplied FORD wiring repair kit has plenty of wire and loom to reach all the way to the old MAF sensor location so you only need to strip back a few inches. That is one of the reasons I love this kit. Two wires is all that need to be modified to drop in the kit. All other wiring reaches with no problem. That is not the case with other kits.

    Regards and good luck,
  14. I had that same exact feeling as I was attempting to rebuild my motorcycle... I wrecked it and bent the frame. Bought a replacement frame and did an ENTIRE swap...wiring and all.

  15. Other Superchargers.....

    I just read through this well documented install and can't believe how much harder it appears to be to install the Roush kit. I am not sure which would be a better blower, but I can say this....the MagnaCharger appears to be a much cleaner install.

    I am on day five since the install and it is running flawless. I have not had even a hiccup from the install. Runs like a new car, just meaner.

    This is lifted from our forums:

    4 Roush Installs - 08-29-06, 08:28 PM


    Here are 4 roush installs I have done on my 05 roush

    Roush charger S/c
  16. The Roushcharger isn't really that complicated, it just seems that way because the supercharger/intercooler/manifold isn't delivered already assembled like some of the other kits. I installed mine and it was very straight forward. I even improvised on some of the parts and replaced them with pieces from the GT500 (degas tank, low temp radiator w/bracket, water pump, hoses) to avoid drilling holes in my car.

    I like the magnacharger a lot. It was not yet out when I made my decision, but I probably still would have gone the route I did. I was also considering the Saleen, which is a pretty nice kit as well.

    Have fun with your additional performance!

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  17. Thanks for the comments rather than flames. Like I said, that kit just seemed to be a bit more labor intensive. By the way, your Roush kit looks awsome. I wish the MagnaCharger was offered in the black finish.

    Anyway, took the Magnacharger back out against the GTech today and ran it with right at 100hp increase shown on the meter. I had 257 on the stock setup (called it 260). The last runs averaged out to 359 at the wheels. (which is all the GTech measures anyway) I don't beat on the car too hard and feel like there is more there, but I don't want to know that bad. By the seat of the pants...the thing goes like mad! :D

  18. That's funny because when I first saw the Roush, I wished it was available in the silver color like the '04/'04 Cobras, and now the Magnacharger. Black ended up pretty nice against the red background, so I made my peace with it. I do wish that Roush would have gone with the larger M112 like the Magnacharger instead of the smallish M90. There looks to be only maybe another ~50 hp to be gained from a smaller pulley on the Roush, but the Magnacharger has near the same '03/'04 Cobra potential.

    Do you have any more shots of the finished engine compartment? I would love to see some other angles. These would look great on there:

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  19. Some different angles from the installation....







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