magnaflow and flowmaster

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  1. I am going to purchase a new system for my car, it will be a cat back system however I dont know if I should go with magnaflo or flowmaster. Please if anyone has sound clips or know of a good difference please let me know... I would be going with something quiet....(ok quieter) then what I have now and that is bullet anything should be queiter... I am not looking for something loud as for the wife willnot ride in the car with me right now... (gives her a headache... or so she says:bs: )
  2. The Magnaflow is a little quieter than the Flowmaster system. Keep in mind though they sound very different from each other. The Flowmaster has a lower, more throaty old school sound to it compared to the Magnaflow.

    What year car is this going on and what mid-pipe is on the car currently?

  3. I had the Magnaflows and took them off for the Flows, the Flows are WAY louder. Although I got the American Thunders. If you want quiet keep the cats on (or put them back on if you removed them) and 50Resto has these killer Ford Racing mufflers that are dual mode. At low throttle and low rpms a flap stays closed in them and they are quiet, get on the go pedal and the flap opens and they sound kinda like Flowmasters. They are prolly the quietest ones you can get.
    The part number is M5230BP2 at and they are $350 a pair. Thats the mufflers only, they are weld inplace of the stock mufflers. Another plus is more back pressure at low RPMs to help boost low end torque.:nice:
  4. the car is a 96, it has (from what I can tell) factory cats (I think) and it still has the factory H pipe. would it be better if I replaced the whole system? (I know that high flow cats are expensive, are they worth it?) and does the X pipe make that much of a difference performance wise
  5. A high flow H or X pipe will give a good 7-8 HP with cats and 15-20 without cats ( crank HP, I am an optomist:)). If you live in an area with no emmision testing I would def get the OR H-pipe. A H-pipe will give the car a more mellow and deeper tone, X-pipe will give the car a more raspy sound similar to Italian cars and really scream at high RPMs. A H or X pipe will run $150-200 depending on brand without cats and will run $250-330 with high flow cats. I would reccomend BBK. Another option is Pro Chambers from MAC. These give the best performance gain and have the best tone. Pro chambers will run 260 uncatted and about 390 with cats. If you go with th Ford mufflers with the variable baffel a non catted pro chamber or h- pipe will still be a pretty quiet setup at lower rpms, mabey even quieter than stock:shrug: If you do headers the sound level will deff get louder, more so with long tubes. Headers are expensive for our cars and labor is rediculous :nonono: If the car is NA the hp gains are not worth the cost IMO. Also if you want the car to get quieter you dont want them anyway. Hope it helps:nice:
  6. I had that one on my old 97 Cobra with stock H-pipe. It had a nice deep growl, it was quite a bit louder than stock but sounded :drool: At low RPMs it should be a bit quieter than what you have.
  7. I had the 50 series flows on my 02 GT. Pretty quiet and tame till you get in the throttle. If you can afford it, scrap both of them and get Borla. I have Borla Stinger system with a prochamber and it sounds completely unique.
  8. Was there alot of interior resonace with the flowmaster system?

  9. Yeah a bit, and it had the drone when cruising at highway speeds. This set-up I have now doesnt do that at all. And you wont hear many others with the sound this produces.
  10. Has anyone had a magnaflow system... and if so do they have alot of inteior resonace.... that is what I am trying to staying away from ...... becuase living in MT.... I get alot of highway drone sucks...
  11. I have had Flowmaster 3 chamber and currently have Magnaflows. The Flowmasters droned a lot where my Magnaflows don't.
  12. And mine is the other way around. I had the drone with the Magnaflows but not the Flowmasters. I had the stock H-pipe with the Magnaflows and have a BBK with the Flowmasters. I think the wall thickness is greater on the BBK over stock H-pipe so that might have been the reason for no drone:shrug:
  13. I also have long tubes and o/r X with dumps. Not sure if that makes a difference. One of the Technicians I work with has magnaflows and no drone either.
  14. Blackfang... so does your friend just have a cat back magnaflow system or does he have other mod as well... X-pipe

    I will have stock cats and the stock H pipe
  15. Stock H pipe/catback
  16. I have the Magnaflow cat-back & the Magnaflow catted X-pipe along with a set of JBA shorty headers. Only drones at exactly 2050RPM's and then it's only a minor drone at that...

  17. I had an O/R H and flowmaster 40s on my 97 GT and the drone was horrible. I drove from NH to RI (200 miles) and i felt like i was just at a rock concert in the front row.
  18. If you aren't planning to upgrade the midpipe it won't really be that loud with either flowmaster or magnaflow. The flowmasters tend to be louder and sound like a mean 60's musclecar and the magna's sound like a cross between a musclecar and a ferrari but not nearly as loud as the flows.
  19. magnaflow all the way

    I have had flowmasters,borla and now magnaflow. I think magnaflow catback with magnaflow x-pipe sounds the best on my 99 cobra

    but I do have another question
    what do you think of Eibach pro springs and Tokico adjustible struts and shocks along with steeda camber caster plates and MM tower brace for my 99 cobra ?

    would love to hear your thoughts on my set up