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  1. Am very interested in getting this mid-pipe. Have heard great things. The only significant complaint I've come up with, so far, is it can sit rather low and scrape, especially on lowered cars.

    Would greatly appreciate any info, input, opinions, etc., to help me decide before I spend the money.

  2. I have the Magnaflow catted X-pipe and it doesn't hang any lower than the stock H-pipe. At least it doesnt when using the stock exhaust logs or a set of JBA shorty's. I'm sure if you install some LT's that will cause the X-pipe to hang lower.

  3. No Problem here I also use a magnaflow catted X with Jba Storties
  4. Thanks U.M. and Benny!

    Yes, U.M. still have the "logs"..LOL
    Havent taken the plunge towards headers, just yet.

    Btw, does using this mid-pipe necessitate O2 extensions, or will the stockers reach?

    Thanks again!
  5. You'll be happy with the catted X (see sig). :cheers:
  6. The O2 sensors/wires will reach the bungs on the Magnaflow X-pipe without the need for extensions.

  7. Thanks!
  8. Thank you very much!:D
  9. One more question, before I whip out the credit card....

    How bad is the drone with this mid-pipe?
    I've heard several O/R X-pipes, and they drone really badly, as well as being awfully loud.....

    Thanks again!
  10. Exhaust drone is based more on the type of cat-back than the type of mid-pipe, although a mid-pipe can change the exhaust harmonics some.

    Since this is a catted X-pipe it won't be much louder than the stock mid-pipe, but it will make the exhaust note sound different.


    Listen to my car in any of these videos... This is what your car will sound like. These videos were shot when I was still running the stock exhaust coupled with a Magnaflow catted X-pipe and a Magnaflow cat back.

    Vid 1
    Vid 2
    Vid 3
  11. Thanks again!
    Your car sounds wicked!!! you give driving lessons?? lol
    The best I could manage was a 12.9. Had wheel-hop really bad....60ft times were horrible....
  12. You don't want lessons from me... I'm a granny shiftin' slow poke with crappy reaction times! I was pulling 2.0 60ft times most of the day, but I did manage to get a 1.9 on the stock F1's.

    If you go back and watch vid 3 again you'll hear massive wheel hop on the 1-2 shift. Sounds just like the car was bouncing off the rev limiter, but it's actually wheel hop!

  13. Try your car on a road course! You'll never go back to the 1/4 mile.
    Believe me I'm a Big drag racing fan and NHRA member

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  14. Awesome picture!!
    Would jump at the chance to give a road-course a try...
    Looks like an amazing time!!!
  15. Got it!!

    Picked up my Maggie catted-x from Mr. C.Harris (StangNet/Pro3i) yesterday. He made me a great deal and since we're both in Auburn, was able to pick it up myself and save some $ on shipping.:nice: Its real purdy, too.....

    Putting it on Saturday, along with a few other mods. Cant wait to hear the sweet music!!!:D

    Thanks to all who replied. Your help is greatly appreciated!!!

  16. Heck I didn't even notice you were local! :D

    When you going to bring your ass over to Montgomery for Test-N-Tune and see what that baby can lay down?

  17. When you going to bring your ass over to Montgomery for Test-N-Tune and see what that baby can lay down?


    Is this an invitation?:shrug: :D Do they have TnT every Friday night?

    Had the car at the last StreetStangs Track Day back in October. My very good friend Luke Mayben made a couple of passes for me, since my right arm was in a sling from shoulder surgery. He'd never driven a Terminator, ie, wheel-hopping IRS, and was able to make a 12.9 pass. Which, I thought was pretty good, considering the terrible hopping he was experiencing, and the first time he was behind the wheel of my car was driving it to the staging lanes. I have video of the runs, and tried to post it here, but failed. Maybe the file is too big??? (or could be that I'm no good at this intarweb net thingy)

    Btw, theres another Track Day coming up in May sponsored by MPH, if you're interested??? Theres gonna be alot of 5 liters and 2V's running. Would be cool to have your Terminator there to help us "represent" the Cobra family!!
  18. Absolutely! Every Friday night it's only $10 for T-n-T. You can check MMP's schedule here:
    Was this at MMP?
    PM me if you still want to post them up, I can help ya.
    Again, this is at MMP?

  19. I've had the my Magnaflow Catted X pipe for 4 years (bought it from Partshopper back then) and it's been on 2 different Stangs (first my 02 GT now my Mach). I think it's awesome, great sound, good kick in the pants and great construction.
  20. Yep, its at MMP. Forgot the date in May, but its posted at Tim's site.