Magnaflow Catted-X....

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by mustangmuscle, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. If you are planning on installing it tomorrow, I'd spray the header studs/nuts and H-pipe/Catback nuts with some Liquid Wrench, WD-40, etc. this afternoon or tonight-
    Then they should be nice and penetrated by the time you get around to it tomorrow- Been there, done that-

    Snapped one of my H-pipe studs trying to get it off when installing my Magnaflow Xpipe and Catback- Luckily I was replacing both, so it really didn't matter. Would have really been a pain in the rear to snap one of the studs on a header.

    Just an idea-

  2. Thanks for the tip.....I'm on a new can of PB Blaster and will hose her down good!
  3. Update!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, spent this past rainy Saturday installing the catted-X. It wasnt too bad, except for that metallic gasket thingy on the passenger's side. What a PITA!!!

    Wanted to say thanks for everyone here for their input.:flag:

    The car sounds so different now.....very mean!....exactly what I was going for!:nice:

    Thanks again!
  4. ps. forgot to mention....
    the passenger side rear O2 sensor plug thingy is about 10 inches short of reaching to connect to the other plug thingy.......where is a good place to get an extension? And, was told this would not happen.....did I do something wrong with the install??
  5. Your car is an 04! Crap! I may have given you bad info man. :( Now that I think about it... I believe the cats were configured differently on the 04's vs the '03's... Can anyone verify this?

  6. Yeah, the '04's cats were different so the location of the O2 sensors were changed. He needs a set of these:
    View attachment 485056

    Couldn't find them on Partshopper, though. On they are discontinued. Don't really know anywhere else to look other than e-bay.

    Enjoy that x-pipe. I just put one (bought from on my GT and with my Magnapacks it sounds wicked. :nice:
  7. Thanks!
    got a set ordered up!