Magnaflow Exhaust 2005 GT System Pictures

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by GNN60GT500, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. That looks good!
  2. Underneath the car :flag:
  3. Pretty sweet, are those double walled tips?
  4. Yep- they are double wall tips- and for some more good news- just got off the phone with our shippng department, and these systems are leaving out the door as we speak to our distributors! :flag:
  5. BTW- I'll mention this before anyone says anything, this picture is of one of the many prototype systems we developed...if you look closely the tips do not line up perfectly, but the tips on the final production pieces line up perfectly.

    Thought I better mention it, knowing how detailed some of you guys can be....

    Except for getting the tips to line up better, this is the finished product though.
  6. that looks great, twice as good as I thought but why is there no crossover?
  7. this is just a picture of the catback, the X pipe is in its final development stages, and we wouldnt want any of our competitors to see what we have planned until we release it for sale.

    The factory H pipe is still on the car in these pictures.

    Look for the X pipes in the next two weeks.
  8. BTW- Those muffler are only 4" tall, and we have tucked them up underneath the car so far, that if they were any further up, they would be rubbing on the bottom of the car.....

    I have heard this car in person....and if you think these cars sound good stock....just wait until you hear them with some exhaust work done!
  9. I work at Reliable Automotive one of your guys distrubtors. What are the prt#'s I called friday and they still said week out. I just want to make sure we get some on order! thanks
  10. Kit looks good. Now for the most important question. What is the HP increase if any?

  11. How much hp increase?

    Looks great!
  12. Well I know for the catted X pipe and the Catback together it is 19rwhp and 17rwtq........

    I believe the catback by itself was around 10rwhp.....

    not quite the same gains as the 99-04s, but we attribute much of that to the fact that they are coming with 2.5" from the factory now-

    (99-04s have consistenly shown 12-14rwhp gains with just a cat back)

    We experimented with some other pipe sizes- 2 3/4, 3" as well, and we were not happy with the dyno results as they seemed to loose a lot of mid range power with the bigger pipe diameters.

    Of course Cobras don't respond that well to pipe bigger then 2.5, unless extremely modified, so we didnt think this car would either......
  13. Man Can't wait to hearthe sound of this !! Magnaflow allways does a great job. It looks great and the hp gain is good enough for me.
  14. Damn that is soo sweet :nice: I knew Magnaflow would do good by 2005 Mustang owners!

    BTW we recently purchased a Magnaflow Cat-Back for my dads 2004 F-150 FX4, the install, fitment, sound, quality, were all top-notch. SOTP gains were also experienced :D

    Magnaflow=tEh w1N!!!
  15. lookin good. 100 percent better than the OEM pieces.
  16. look for more info on our NEW WEBSITE that is launching this Friday.....
  17. What is the tip diameter? They look big, 4" ??? Thats approaching ricer size, I hope they are 3.5"...