Magnaflow Exhaust 2005 GT System Pictures

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  1. no sound clips yet......we need to get another car in here so we can make sound clips as all the Mustangs we did have access too are torn apart getting ready for SEMA right now.....
  2. Yo GNN06GT500
    I had MagnaFlow on my '97 GT and was very satisfied not to mention the sound was awesome. :hail2: I was wondering if you guys are/can/want to make a side exhaust for the '05? I'm in Europe and my car isn't due here til late Dec so you have that much time to get it done :D Just kidding but it would be nice. Also I want to add headers to the car, have you guys had the chance to test your setup on the '05 with headers? Thanks
  3. No plans for side exhaust yet......

    When it comes to side exhaust we have to deal with Roush, Steeda first and see what they want to we don't want to mess up our relationships with them.....

    But Ill let you guys know if I hear anything
  4. Thank You for the updates on your system GNN60GT500. This will be the system I will get next year when I get my GT. Listen everyone, the price is the price. You do not have to purchase it at all. His company is in business to make a profit. The profits help test the new sytems we will have in the future. Magnaflows are a great system and I look forward to hearing them soon.
  5. I just want to say that I had a great experience ordering from Part Shopper. I called and ordered from Mike directly. The service is top notch. I highly reccomend ordering from them as GNN60GT500 reccomemended!!! :cheers:

    This is how things went:
  6. Magnaflow questions

    I have a couple questions if you don’t mind.

    Looking for info on the 05 Mustang

    1) I think I understand the difference between the 15881 system (Magnaflow muffler) and the 15883 system (Magnapack muffler) but can you tell me what the advantage is either way, looking at your website I can't find any info on the differences between the two mufflers. Is one system recommended over the other, or is there a difference in tone / volume?
    2) I want the X-pipes as well do you recommend me waiting until they are released our can I purchase the axle back now and the rest when the x-pipes are released?

  7. The Magnaflow and Magnapacks difference is the sound. The Magnapacks will offer a much more aggresive tone-

    Basically it will be louder then the Magnaflows so you will hear it a little more inside the car-

    You can purchase the catback now, and the X pipe seperately at a later date, that will definitely work-

    I have heard both systems in person, and they both sound really nice-

    very very deep and very smooth sounding kind of powerful-

    Thanks for your interest and support
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  9. just checked--- did not see a new PM from you?
  10. Thanks for the info, cant wait to take ownership of my new 05 so I can start adding some toys.

    Any idea when the x-pipes will be released? and the price?

    Just wanted to chime in my 2Cents on the price issue. It's been my experience that you get what you pay for(not always but most of the time) if you want a 200.00 exhaust system go to midas and get one. then the following year you can spend another 200.00 and get another one.
    The price is what it is, and if you choose to pay it fine, if not fine but dont complain about paying for a quility product, they are hard enough to find as it is.

    No I work work with/for magnaflow, nor have any intrest in thier company other then getting a quility product. I may not even buy it but I like to have options and knowing I can get answers from a vendor with out sifting through the crap is a realy nice why to educate yourself.
  11. thanks.....I see JBA has an exhaust...but no prices, and no one else seems to have pricing or product, so it will be interesting to see where we are price wise when more systems are released.....
  12. BTW- Look for the new Magnaflow exhaust on the Steeda 05 Mustang at SEMA
  13. I'll be purchasing some magnapacks when I get my mustang :D