Magnaflow High Flow Cats: it's smog legal according to the box,but does it pass smog

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Seraphitia102, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. Okay, I went to Super Autobacs to see a box of catalytic converters that say "high flow" and "smog legal." Anyone know anything about this? Even if it's smog legal, does it pass smog? And will it make your exhaust noticeable louder?
  2. I used to live in the NYC Metro area which has stringent emissions laws and my magnaflow x-pipe passed the sniffer test with flying colors. Your in Cali where it's illegal to even think of modifying your emmissions system. Yes it will make your exhaust much louder. The difference is like night and day. :nice:
  3. it is illegeal to mod your stock mid pipe. The complete Magnaflow x pipe is cheap through partshopper.

    btw, quit shopping at super autobacs, you drive a ford.
  4. yep in cali, it wont pass. ....which kinda defeats the purpose of getting a catted x....thats why i just went offroad.

    its illegal to touch that stock midpipe unless its damaged in some way preventing it from working properly or destroyed...and even then, you cant replace it with an aftermarket midpipe with hi flow cats because it wont pass smog.
  5. what is super autobacs?
  6. ever wonder why they allow the sale of aftermarket mid-pipes knowing full well most of them being sold arent for off-road use? silly gov't.

    yeah they'll make a difference, but you live in a communist state, so you'll probably fail emissions. i dont know really, ask some fellow commies. (just busting your balls guys, dont take it personal ;) )
  7. u mean only in Cali its illegal to touch the midpipe right?
  8. techically its illegal all across the country, however its up to the individual states/counties to enforce the law.

    yes those cats are illegal in CA. they are only legal for certain applications, and a 4.6L mustang is not one of them.
  9. Ha i remenber seing autobacs back in Japan when I was little. Its same company i guess.
  10. yup, even if it says that is legal for use in Cali it's illegal, alao any modification done to the stock H is illegal in the U.S
  11. Seraphitia102,
    My stang passed a smog test in CA when I was stationed there. I have the catted Magnaflow X-pipe and Magnapacks and it passed the smog check with ease. However, the tech told me my car would fail the visual if I planned on registering it in Cali. I currently have a MA reg.
  12. note im giving my responses as someone who has taken all the official CARB/BAR classes in relation to smog testing. im also in the process of getting my licesnse. just because someone says "i passed with this" doesnt mean its legal.
  13. damn. i want a louder sounding car lol. yes, when I was living in Japan, I went to autobacs. Now they have a Super Autobacs here in Stanton, California. They may be primarily a shop for rice cars, but they sell lots of Mustang stuff including handheld tuners to Saleen 3V Superchargers
  14. Well, You can always swap OEM H back on when your inspection is do...
  15. exactly, keep the stock H pipe and swap it. but dont complain if u get pulled over.
  16. Will she be in trouble if she gets pulled over and even if she had catted X pipe?
  17. ya, only an unmodified OEM pipe is legal. there are no legal replacement cats for newer 4.6L mustangs in CA.
  18. Really? Ew CA sucks..:notnice:
  19. it is so easy to swap the pipe. just buy and o/r pipe and the swap the stock one back in for inspection.