Magnaflow Magnapacks!

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  1. I just bought the magnaflow magnapack full catback system for my 2010 GT and i was wondering if anyone has had any problems getting through inspection with these mufflers because they are straight through.

    Any info will be appreciated.

  2. I have magnapacks, stage II cams, MRT cated H pipe and all kinds of other mods. I went to get emissions tested yesterday and passed without a problem. Oh and the packs sound awesome on 05-010 stangs.
  3. I have the magnapacks on an otherwise stock 2010 GT. I get an AWFUL rattle when idling in gear. Everything is tight, nothing is touching the frame or brackets. I THINK I have it narrowed down to the rubber exhaust hanger.

    Let me know if you get a rattle. I think its more of the reverb from how DEEP th exhaust note is. I am not impressed.
  4. I have em, but I have headers too. I have a slight rattle when taking off, my tips graze the valance, I need to tweek them slightly, vI also have a 2 grand drone, but it's fine with me, I'll just upgrade the reart speakers.
  5. I Had the same problem. It is the exhaust hangers. The mufflers throw off a lot of heat, and when the rubber on those hangers gets hot, they get
    "mushy" , and the hook from the muffler starts rattling around loosely, and hitting against the metal. Took me a while to find that out. When my car was hot, I would go to the exhaust tips and bang them with my would really hear them clang! what was most annoying is when I was stopped at a light, and take off in low gear....sounded terrible next to other cars. I'm not impressed with MagnaFlow or the MagnaPacks, not enough sound. I put an X pipe in, and MagnaPacks with Magnaflow 4" tips, and still not a deep sound. Had two different sets of MagnaFlows on my 08 GT, I'm going to Borla Stingers Next.
  6. Is there a fix for this?

    I narrowed my rattle down to my driver's side hanger. however, mine rattles when cold and in gear (fortunately). When the car is completely cold, I can get under there and bang the muffler and the hanger is what rattles. When I put a little pressure on the bushing and bang the rattle. I may have to rig some kind of extra bushing up so it does not rattle....unless there is another fix.

    And, I agree with everything else posted. The magnapacks are quiet...but very very deep...almost too deep. I hope with some headers or a magnaflow catted xpipe it will make the tone a little more aggressive. I have an auto and only get a drone when the car shifts to 5 gear too quickly and I am doing 40mph at 1400-1500 rpm. No big deal though.
  7. If you have the stock hangers, there is a thin rubber bushing that the metal rod goes into. I had the mechanic replace that thin rubber with an extra thick piece on both hangers, been great since.

  8. If your mechanic can find the thick rubber bushings, I wonder if we can too. They have to be out there somewhere!!!!
  9. These don't seem to be positive reviews. You'd think they would run into this issue during testing. Why should you have to get under there and rig anything on something that should just bolt on? :shrug:
  10. i got under there last night and readjusted. The rear muffler hanger on the driver's side (the bar coming from the muffler) is about 3/4" too far fwd. I had to shove the muffler back as far as it would go and slightly rotate it to fit. The bar from the muffler bangs the metal exhaust hanger. The muffler kept wanting to rotate back. I had to REALLY tighten down the band clamp. I may have to go to an old style clamp that "indents" the pipes so the muffler wont rotate.

    If all else falls, I will be drilling some new holes in my rear exhaust hanger so I can move it around a bit.

    We will see what happens this morning when I go to work.
  11. I might carry mine up to my local exhaust guy and have him re- do the hangers so they hang lower and out.
  12. another strike out for me. I readjusted everything last night, gave myself more clearance. Fiance just called and said that the exhaust rattled 100x worse than it ever has!

    Back to the drawing board tonight to see whats rattling now. I am really starting to second guess my choice in mufflers....
  13. I had a problem with mine and it turned out to be the bolt from the back seat belt buckle, it is long and you cant see it from the under side. :)
  14. Sounds like a design flaw to me, I had flowmasters and FRPP mufflers on my 05 and had absolutely no rattle problems with either muffer set up when cold or warm. Sounds like too much work to have to do to make it work for me when other set ups don't have this issue. Not to mention, no one on this forum has posted a single sound clip of any exhaust mod they've done yet.
  15. I still have a rattle and I no longer think it is the exhaust hangers. I made some adjustments last night and found a lug nut rolling around near my spare tire. I thought maybe I was crazy and that was the rattle. Everything was fine until we were almost pulling out of the neighborhood and.....rattle. I put the car in park and put my fiance in the driver's seat and she put it in rattle. UGH. Tracking this gremlin down is getting to be a pain in the ass. It sounds like it is coming from right behind/below the rear seats. I am really going to have to look this weekend to see what in the hell it could possibly be!

    I will be more than happy to sell this kit to
  16. Response to wrong thread! My bad.
  17. might have FINALLY found the rattle. The upper panhard bar only has about 3/8" clearance to the exhaust pipes. If two people sit in the car, its even less. SOOOOOOO....the pipes might be tapping on the upper panhard brace. New panhard bar on the way :)
  18. replaced with new panhard bar brace. I have a little more clearance. No rattle as of yet!
  19. Your bound and determined to get this thing :)
  20. ...and back to the drawing board. Today was the first day I drove the mustang (fiance has been driving it) since I installed the new brace. I think she must be deaf...or must blare music. That sumbeahtch rattled...A LOT!!!

    SAME sound too...which leads me to believe that it is the same metal to metal contact. The sound would be different if it was still hitting the new bar I installed. I am still deadset on this having to do with the exhaust hanger.

    magnaflow has been absolutely no help whatsoever. Im gonna HATE to have to pay to have a stupid custom exhaust bracket made....if that is, indeed, what the problem is.