Magnaflow Magnapacks!

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  1. Figures :shrug: This thing is causin some headaches for sure :notnice:
  2. Exhaust hanger bushings are now stuffed with small pieces of towel. Lets see if thats where this rattle is coming from
  3. I hope you find it, im letting you do my homework if you don't mind!
  4. I am bound and determined to figure this out. So far, no rattles, but...they are so intermitten, that its hard to tell.

    I will say that magnaflow was of no help. Of course, they have NEVER heard of this issue before. They said if I felt as if it were a manufacturing defect (which it is not) to take it up with my dealer.
  5. Just installed my magnapack 2.5 inch cat back with no problems. It was the easiest install i have ever done and no rattles. I dont know how you guys are all getting a rattle but mine sounds great. If you have the 3 inch cat back its possible that the tubing is rubbing on something from the extra width but the 2.5 inch is working great for me and no problems with the hangers. Are you all in 2010 mustangs because i did have an issue with my magnapacks in my 97GT? It was rubbing on what looked like a bracket near the driveshaft. I just ripped it out and the rattle went away. But in my 2010 it fits perfect.
  6. Gotta love the 'packs!! Where in MD are you, I'd like to hear them on a 3v?
  7. :shrug:

    Have you checked to make sure there is not something loose in the trunk spare tire well. I had that once and it was the thingy that holds the jack was loose and it sounded like the exhaust rattling. :)
  8. TIm,

    I installed 16571 from Magnaflow, did you install the same? 16574 has a different size muffler and is still a magnapack. I had no rattles for a few days. Additionally, the rattle is not all the time. You may experience them, you may not.

    I have checked everything in the trunk and everything under the car to make sure nothing is loose. Since I have stuffed the exhaust hanger with material, we have not experienced any rattles. This could mean that it is, indeed, the exhaust hanger bushing, like someone else mentioned, or, now, the system does not move as much and nothing vibrates. I hate to ghetto rig something, but it seems like the only fix without having to spend a chunk of money.
  9. Im in Laurel, if your close we can meet up at the track. Capital raceway or Budds Creek.
  10. I have the 16571. I havent experienced any rattle yet and its been 2 weeks
  11. Hope you get it fixed,watching this and as of right now I know what not to get :nice:
  12. Yay, my rattle is fixed. I took my car to Meineke and had them bend up the hangar wire using a welder. On the right side only, the metal wire was too close to the plastic bracket holding the exhaust hangar bushing. The rattle was mind-shattering, to say the least. I had a pad of heat tape up in there to be sure it was this location causing the rattle before I took it in. The padding absorbed the rattle up until the heat tape came loose. So... fixed!