magnaflow mufflers

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  1. what series magnaflows are the loud ones? i want to buy some but im not sure how to tell if theyre the quieter ones or the loud ones.
  2. That's a good question, i don't know which mine are either. All i know is they're pretty mellow at cruising speeds but the harder you accelerate and the more throttle you give it, and the more load that the car is under, the louder they get up to the point of being plenty loud enough.

    This is the kit that i have according to the guy i got them from. It still doesn't really say which muffler is in the kit.
  3. Hmmm..... I thought they were all the same? And I have been looking for some used ones, guess I better find out which ones are quiet ones:flag:
  4. I think there are only 2 series(could be wrong) regular ones that are similar to dynomax ultra flo but with a welded case and Magna Packs which are like glasspacks sort of and are louder

    I have a 95 GT and all I have is the regular magnaflos welded in where the oem mufflers where with the stock tail pipes,h pipe etc. My car is really quiet...only slight noise in the 1200~2000rpm range. Slight drone...not like flowmaster....WOT its smooth and louder than stock for sure but doesnt sound like a fat guy farting or like your neighbors 71 f250 with flowmasters.

    However I bet the flowmasters would sound alright with a car that still has catalytic converters and stock tail pipes.

    I like my magnaflows though..stainless steel and loud enough but quiet enough the stock stereo can be heard at normal levels
  5. Personally i LOVE how 3 chamber Flowmasters sound, they're just not loud enough for my taste. If i had some kind of V8 family car i'd get those in a heartbeat.

    The only reason i have my Magnaflows is because i lucked out and only have $50 in a catback that only has about 3k miles on it. I traded some 2 chambers for the mufflers and then bought the tail pipes for $50. Otherwise, for the money i'd go with Mac or piece together my own kit and get Spintechs. I will say though i'm not in any hurry to swap these out (and that's rare for

  6. I'll give you a good deal on my Mac Mufflers when i take them off...there brand new too...You know i hate ill give you a great deal on them...:)
  7. Don't get MAC's if you are running an offroad H-pipe, they sound like crap IMHO. I had my MAC's swapped out for some IMCO's and it sounds awesome now.

  8. You dont have to tell me..My car sounds like Sanford and sons pick-up ...
    :D..My Dad rode in it yesterday,and for him to say it sounds Bad ..i know it sounds cant wait to get the super 44 series Flowmasters put on....:)
  9. Maggiesq

    Magnaflow makes "MagnaPacks" which are THE LOUD ONES. They are shaped like glasspacks. You will know if you have these, they are f'n loud and sound pretty angry.

    They also make standard "Magnaflow" mufflers which are shaped like a conventional muffler. These sound the best imho.
  10. with a x pipe magnaflows sound straight nasty
  11. I'm not sure if there are different grades of magnaflows. My set is the 2.5 dia universal stainless steel muflers, they ran about 70 a piece from my local auto parts.

    Magnaflows are great muflers, they flow wonderful and add power and are generally quite at idle but then once you push the rpms up and accelarate then they sound so nice. My 87 hatch is my daily driver since I wanted a mufler that was quite at idle but still sweet sounding under load.
  12. Its either straight Magnaflow muffler, or Magnapack.


    Magnapack by Magnaflow:

    The 'packs are louder, but I can't say I care for them on a 5.0.

    As for MAC, they sound AMAZING with an off road X, but like chit with an H. I'd get an X pipe before getting a new cat back.

    And the 3-chamber Flowmasters...everyone says they are so quiet. I have had them on 3 different cars and they were all PLENTY loud!!

    YouTube - 1992 mustang 347 stroker <--- this is not "quiet" maybe a bit at idle but i assure you that in person it has just as much of a deep sound to it as any, and they have a killer scream when you get on it.

    Short exhaust clip of 2003 Mustang GT. BBK 2-Cat H- Video <---- this is my old 03 GT that had a CATTED H pipe and 3-chambers...not quiet either. People would often ask me if I had cats because the car was loud enough to question it.
  13. FWIW, I actually like the sound of the 3-chamber Flows on Frankenstang's Capri (behind an off-road X) but I hate the way they fit on there with the flowtubes welded in position and the hangers on the tails being bent/welded all wrong.

    Still kinda torn on what I want to use for a cat-back on my '84 whenever I get around to throwing duals on there. At this point I'm leaning towards piecing together my own cat-back by getting the flowtubes and tails separately, and then throwing on whatever muffler of choice I want - leaning towards Magnaflows, although I do really love the Pypes Violators, too. :shrug: I LOVE the way Magnaflows sound on my buddy's '04 Mach 1... :drool:
  14. My Magnaflows are offset inlet and outlet just like your typical Mustang muffler, and they're the flat oval style like the first pic. :shrug:
  15. i have a set of magnapacks and flowmasters and i am going with the magnapacks love the sound with the x pipe.
  16. yeah those are just generic pics, the mustangs use offset in/out on the regular magnaflow muffler like the top one...

    the second is the magnapack and they are straight through, but the pipes before and after it are slightly angled so that the muffler can be mounted at a slight angle, still achieving an 'offset' is the Magnapack in mustang cat-back form...


    i had magnapacks on my 97 cobra, with stock headers and H pipe...heres an idea of the sound...
    Crappy exhaust clip of 1997 Mustang Cobra. with on- Video
  17. who's got clips of the Magnapacks? Do they sound any better than Bullets? I had Bullets for about 1/8 mile and couldn't stand'em and took them back off.
  18. heres a video of a stang with magnapacks

    5.0 Magnaflow Exhaust 93 GT- Video

    so im guessing i cant use the magnapacks with any other catback except the magnapack cat back? i dont want to buy a whole new cat back.
  19. Not unless you get some custom-bent pipes... :shrug: