!Magnaflow Vs. SLP!

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  1. whats better??? SLP loud mouth or Magnaflow or magnapack cat back? whts better SLP o/r X or magnaflow o/r X??

    im going to be getting a o.r X pipe and maybe cat back and cant decide. what are your guy's opions on the SLP loudmouth? Magnaflow catback? magnapack? which sounds the best? can somebody help me :( is there any difference between the magnaflow X and the slp X if not then i dont really care ill buy which ever X my cat back is. so SLP or some kinda of magnaflow???
  2. ok man i deffinately think u should go with slp. slp is very loud, my dad sent me an email about how loud it is. at 3000rpms it is 104dbs and the magnaflow is like 98 so slp is louder. depends what u want in ure catback. magnaflow is good though too. i am getting the slp loudmouth cat back system. i have right now an off road h pipe that i will be adding to the cat back system. it will be super loud. let me know if u want anything else. jason.
  3. uhm 98db is hella loud so 104 is *****ing loud as hell. are the magnapacks and SLP loudmath basically the same thing? just resonators and no mufflers? i want loud but 104db's seems like a race car, haha.

    JBushman73 what would you recomend?
  4. The SLP catback's obscenely loud. Esp with my LTs and Headers. And yes they are just resonators, there ain't no muffling going on what so ever. It's a hell of alot of fun to scare the sh1t out of people!!! And the 4 banger guys with fartcans just gape and drool when they hear it.

    Have a listen
  5. To each his own, but I like flows myself. Always have and probably always will. They have the pitch I just get a woody for. Mustangexhaust.com is the best way for anybody to judge for themselves. Like said before, SLP's are loud!!! Kind of like D&D slip ons for motorcycles. They don't sound the best bet man they are loud! :flag:

    Listening to the sound bytes above, that simply sounds like my old 98 4.6 with straight pipes. :shrug:
  6. I think the SLP tips are gay. Thats the main reason I would never get them. You could always cut them off and get different ones I suppose.
  7. Both set-ups flow about the same so the power is not the issue. I have heard all three and the SLP and Maggie Magnapack sound about the same. If you want quieter go with regular Magnaflow catback. Nice burble at idle and cruise but it screams when you get into it. :nice:
  8. I am going full SLP or SLP LT's, Midpipe and Spin Tech Side exhaust this winter when I get a daily driver. WOuld be tooooooo loud for a DD.
  9. :stupid:
  10. I LOVE the price of SLP, thats why I went with it.

    Borla Stinger with the NEW tips would be sweet, but $500+ for a CB is stupid.

    SLP $342 SHIPPED !
  11. go with slp. loud as hell. my friend has them with the stock crappy H pipe on his 99 and it still sounds insane. not as full as the slp on a camaro or trans am, but one of the best ive heard on a stang.
  12. I have the magnaflow side exiting exhaust i think it sounds good but it doesnt sound loud from inside the car. i was woundering if its louder than it sounds from inside the car
  13. ummm yeah I would say so.
  14. I lov my Magnaflows. Not too loud as SLP, but quality is top natch, and you won't get pulled over like you might with SLP. I'm not young anymore I guess

    Magnaflow and BBK O/R X did sound obscenely loud to me.
  15. uhmm if the SLP really is like 104DB's at 3k that is hella loud. something more like the magnaflow which is like 98db's would be better.

    is the Borla stinger the same thing as the magnapacks and SLP? just resonators?

    also as of right now i think im just going to order just the o/r X and then a cat back later. so are both magnaflow and SLP's o/r X's pretty much the same? if so ill just get the cheaper on of the two (slp)
  16. i have american thunder and an o/r H and I wish it was louder. It sounds good driving but it seems to get quieter on the top end when I really want it to scream! I am thinking about switching to either 1 chambers or SLP loudmouth CB. Since you're hearing opinions.......flows do sound nice.......but not 104dB nice. Try this vid for starters if you're thinking about SLP CB. This is what sold me on them. It sounds like a funnycar or something. He does have comp 270's though that give it an awesome idle.


    Good luck and I hope you find the right exhaust to soothe your ears.
  17. ok ive decided if i get a Catback it will be magnaflow.

    now i need to know which X pipe
    Magnaflow or SLP?? they both seem pretty much the same but i would like to know from some people who may have had these. Also where do you guys buy SLP stuff? from there site or is there another site
  18. You gettin the Magnapacks or regular Magnaflows, you might be dissapointed in the sound level with the regular Magnaflows?